Happy Birthday, Jimmy Carter

In addition to the anniversaries mentioned in a previous post, we would be remiss in not wishing a happy birthday to Georgia’s only President, Jimmy Carter, who turns 90 today.

Over at the Washington Examiner, they have a story describing an interview with the former President on CNBC, in which he claimed he would have defeated Ronald Reagan in 1980 had he been more manly:

Interviewed by the show “CNBC Meets,” Carter repeated his belief that the failed mission to free American hostages held in Tehran killed his chances, but then added that had he gone to war, America would have rewarded him with a second term in 1980.

“I could’ve been re-elected if I’d taken military action against Iran, shown that I was strong and resolute and, um, manly and so forth,” said the former president, who has established himself as a world human rights leader.

In the interview, Carter’s wife Rosalynn noted that while it’s easy to be a war president, it’s much more difficult to be a peace president. President Carter said he was glad to see all of the American hostages held by the Iranians returned safely.


  1. gwmac says:

    Since Nathan Deal seems to want to run a campaign attacking Jimmy Carter more than talking about what he has accomplished, I took it upon myself to write an article that shows what Carter achieved as governor. I challenge any Republican here to counter with Deal’s record and tell me who did more good for Georgia.

    • Charlie says:

      We’re going to challenge you to not spam 1) us, and 2) the #gapol hashtag on twitter, if you wish to remain an active part of our community.

      We like to stay on the topic of the articles here, not have folks turn them into the topic of their choice. We call that threadjacking, and I really, really don’t appreciate you treating our contributors that way.

      Please note that this isn’t open to debate or negotiation.

  2. gwmac says:

    You can certainly control your comments on here on “your community” but as far as Twitter goes, well that is another matter. I will tweet what I like as often as I like. Don’t like it then ignore me. Don’t worry I won’t be posting here again. I prefer sites without an old schoolmarm quelling any discussion.

    How is asking how Deal’s record compares to Jimmy Carter’s not on topic on an article about Jimmy Carter? Since I was the only comment so far there doesn’t seem to be a thread to hijack even though you don’t seem to actually understand what that term means. I didn’t even post a link to my article. I was asking for comments here on your article. Seems someone has their panties wound a little too tight. Sorry to threaten your “authoritah” Mr. Cartman.

    • Charlie says:

      I can mute you on twitter, so that the #gapol hashtag remains a reasonble place for those of us that want to follow actual news can still get it without having to wade through the constant spam of folks that have 50 followers executing a campaign. Easy enough and done.

      We do not, however, have to extend that courtesy here. And we won’t. We’re five weeks out from an election, and we often see over exuberent folks wish to join us not to be part of a community, but to try to gum up the works here much like you’ve done to the hashtag, see this as another outlet to do that. It won’t be.

      We’ll choose to let those who wish to participate in the actual conversations started by our contributors remain. Others…not so much.

    • gwmac says:

      One more thing I wanted to add. You are not the gatekeeper of political discourse in Georgia so get off your high horse. At the end of the day you run a WordPress blog just like me. You have been around a lot longer for sure. I just got started in late July. I have no criticism of your site since I think it is pretty good and provides info not found on AJC and others at times so kudos on all your work. But you really need to loosen up a bit. Don’t feel so threatened or try and go all Captain Wooten on people just for back linking which is par for the course and most people don’t mind since I have linked to this site numerous times. Instead of laying the law down, maybe next time you could welcome a fellow Georgia political blogger or contact them directly and use some tact.

      Nice dig at the 50 followers. I just started Twitter so 50 new followers in a little over a month isn’t bad. Don’t worry, I add more and more each day.

  3. Max Power says:

    Jimmy Carter, the last honest president and the next to last grown up one. Kind of makes me sad that we’ll probably never see another politician like him again.

    • HueyMahl says:

      Yep. The thirty-year smear-campaign against him has been amazing to watch. Grace, character, principles, honesty, public service, dedication to principles and morality. Every president since him, and most before, are a pale comparison when it comes to moral character. Politics aside, he is a fine American and unequaled public servant.

      • tribeca says:

        Was at a Braves game a few years ago and the crowd booed when Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter were put on the jumbo-tron. Was really disappointed in the crowd that day.

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