Morning Reads: 29 September 2014

More shake up in the SEC East. Who knows how this will turn up in the end. Georgia barely beat Tennessee, Mizzou barely beat South Carolina, and in the west somehow both Mississippi SEC teams are in the top 15. Here’s what else happened over the weekend.


Turns out Georgia is a pretty awesome place for women owned business as well.
The arguments against the tuition tax-credit scholarship don’t work.
Sometimes I think this stuff is done just to elicit a reaction.
Looking for the Soul of Georgia.
Nunn is having none of Purdue’s terrorism ad.


UT vs. UGA, 32-35
Vanderbilt vs. UK, 7-17
Arkansas vs. Texas A&M, 28-35
LA Tech vs. Auburn, 12-45
Mizzou vs. S Carolina, 21-20
Memphis vs. Ole Miss, 3-24
NM State vs. LSU, 7-63

National International

I hope Chicago was not part of your plans this weekend or in the near future.
Where is the line between security and public space?
The other side of an oil boom.
Hong Kong is not looking to pretty at the moment.
Ground troops to defeat ISIS? Boehner thinks maybe.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Boehner is an agent for Obama. Every time the POTUS comes into our incompetency sights Boehner steps in to take the “friendly” fire.

    If ground troops are needed and others won’t step up, declare war and the captured area needs to become an unincorporated territory, ala Guam, i.e. the oil is ours.

      • Ed says:

        Have a bye? Sure we’ll put you ahead of the number-one team in the country that won. Why? You’re in the SEC West!

        Lose to an awful B1G team, then narrowly beat an awful SC team? Ranked! And that bad SC team with a terrible beat down and a squeaker of a win against UGA? 27th.

        Ole Miss has a QB who doesn’t know what jerseys his team wears and had beaten no one of consequence, well who care? SEC West=top 10.

        Mississippi State–well, SEC West of course they deserve to be ranked 12th. And why is LSU so close? Because #SECBEST.

        Even aTm over Auburn makes no sense.

        For god’s sake, some tool on ESPN was praising SC for beating Vandy. “You win in the SEC that’s impressive” was the “analysis.”

        Seriously, if SEC fans had any rationality they’d recognize how utterly absurd the hypebeast is. Again, I’m not saying SEC is bad, I’m not saying it isn’t the best conference in the country. But you peel a little bit off the surface and you can clearly see it isn’t what the fanboys want to believe it is. And, unfortunately, it matters because this mania over the SEC impacts millions of funding for institutions they get from this “amateur” sporting event.

          • Jon Lester says:

            Wouldn’t it be great if Peachtree TV started carrying GSU sports? I don’t think it’s so far-fetched a notion; how long can they keep people watching “Meet the Browns” reruns?

          • Chet Martin says:

            We don’t see any distinction between the SEC and CFB. Spend a year watching non-SEC teams? Hell I can’t imagine two weeks in Boston

            • MattMD says:

              Who says to not watch SEC teams? Are you SEC-fanboys so delusionsal to think that there isn’t good, entertaining ball being played in other conferences?

  2. saltycracker says:

    Nunn’s latest TV ad that Perdue took a cheap shot on her charity will win the hypocrite award for the month, except for those that will not or can not (aka pillowettes) pay attention to lame ads on both sides.

  3. Noway says:

    Thanks for an open thread. Does anyone have any comments about how badly the US played, once again, in the Ryder Cup? And Mickelson’s sniveling comments about Watson’s management style? Funny, I don’t remember Watson hitting a single shot in the deep rough, sand trap or chili dipping a sand wedge. Mickelson is a whining weenie. Bottom line is that our players, our PROFESSIONAL players, need to suck it up and play like we all expect them to. This forever taints Phil’s legacy.

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