With an Eye on the Senate, Republicans and Democrats Prepare for a Runoff

With polling showing a close race for control of the U.S. Senate, national Democratic and Republican organizations are making plans for possible runoffs in Georgia and Louisiana. According to a story published in Politico over the weekend, those plans include hoarding funds and reserving television time and hotel rooms in the two states.

“It’s a very intense period of time,” said Sen. Johnny Isakson, a Georgia Republican who battled in his own runoff race in 1996 when he competed for voters’ attention during the Olympic Games in Atlanta. “You’ve got to recapitalize almost immediately, and it’s a matter of who gets their voters out to the polls.”

That means for Democrat Michelle Nunn and Republican David Perdue, it’s anyone’s guess who would show up to the polls Jan. 6, just after New Year’s Day, when many voters will be tired of constant election-year politics.

Isakson added: “With the runoff the 6th of January, they are having to peak about three or four times within eight months; that’s a big challenge.”

Louisiana’s jungle primary almost certainly guarantees a runoff between incumbent Democrat Mary Landrieu and a Republican challenger, most likely Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy. The Louisiana runoff would be held on Saturday, December 6th. In Georgia, a narrow lead held by Republican David Perdue is narrowing in recent polling, increasing the chances for a runoff.

If Perdue can pull off a win on November 4th, it could complicate a potential runoff in the Governor’s race between Nathan Deal and Jason Carter. Assuming a Senate runoff in January, both Democrats and Republicans would be campaigning hard in November and December for the Senate candidates. Without a runoff, and attention by national Republican and Democratic groups turning to Louisiana, Nathan Deal and Jason Carter would be forced to rely on their own campaign teams to get out the vote.

The gubernatorial runoff is scheduled for December 2nd. The Senate runoff is scheduled for January 6th.


  1. Progressive Dem says:

    Let’s insult everyone and hold two different general election runoffs. Another example of the end of common sense.

  2. northside101 says:

    It would not take much change in percentage from the 2010 outcome to force a runoff in the contest for governor. In 2010, Deal got 53, Barnes 43, Monds (Libertarian) 4 percent. A combination of Carter getting slightly ahead of Obama’s 2012 showing here (between 45-46 percent) and 4+ Libertarian would do it. Last time Georgia had a gubernatorial contest without a majority was 1966, when Callaway edged Lester Maddox by about 3,000 votes, but short of a majority because of write-in votes for former Governor Ellis Arnall. Back then, the General Assembly chose the governor (when no one got a majority in Round 1), and of course then under Democratic control, the Legislature chose Maddox. Other than 1966, the next closest gubernatorial contest was 1994, when Zell Miller slipped past Guy Millner 51-49% (about 33,000 vote margin)—surprisingly, no Libertarian ran that year. The first time a Libertarian was on the gubernatorial ballot was 1990 (Millner-Isakson)—think it was Carol Rand—got abtou 3 percent of the vote.

  3. kolt473 says:

    really don’t care about either NUNN OR CARTER, NUNN has already lied in one of her ads, regarding the mill. CARTER equally guilty, as far as the middle class go effectively abandon on the federal level, Obama care premiums and penalties have eaten away middle class, MOOCHELLE OBAMA unpopular as spouse, because of her nutrition policies, TO JASON CARTER MICHELLE NUNN, GA VOTERS RESIDENTS ARE NOT READY TO GO BACK TO TAX AND SPEND TAXOCRATS, DEMOCRATS ARE KNOWN FOR TO BAD THEY HAD TO DIG UP RETREADS FROM THE 1970’s it’s ALL ABOUT POWER FOR DEMOCRATS, AT THE NATIONAL LEVEL, THAT ARE EMBARRASSMENTS. THINK VOTERS AFTER WHAT OBAMA CARE HAS DONE TO YOU, AS WELL AS POSSIBLE TAX INCREASES, I would think about who to vote for, and refuse money to either.

    • Charlie says:

      If you’re going to participate here, at least pretend you’re having an intelligent and civil discussion. No name calling or bad (and frankly stupid) play on names like “moochelle”.

      Please accept this as your one and only warning, and I beg of you (not really) to not confuse our private property rights with your right of free speech. Ours will trump yours. Every time.

      Also, selective caps indicate you don’t know how to articulate what points you believe to be most important properly. Just throwing that one out there for free.

  4. kolt473 says:

    Que sera sera, what ever will be will be, name calling I see plenty of it in other comments border line name calling, reference shingles touch R, bubonic plague touch D, or I’LL take bubonic plague for $400 Alex. now if that’s not poking fun, what is??? private property vs free speech?? now really when both will be taken away without your consent, I know your ready for GA to become blue again and more taxation, name calling what Democrats are known for, as for intelligent conversations, the jury is still out. GA will still be red. Nunn token democrat, just to retain control of senate. P.S. this one tossed in for free as well.

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