Ethics Complaint Against Jason Carter Dismissed

The Georgia Ethics Commission may have a huge backlog of unresolved complaints, but they managed to find time to dismiss a complaint pending against Gubernatorial candidate Jason Carter. Over at the Political Insider, Greg Bluestein has the story.

The complaint, which was filed by former State Senator John Douglas, relates to a March 23rd fundraiser held in New York for the Georgia Democratic Party featuring Jimmy and Jason Carter, along with REM frontman Michael Stipe. It alleges the fundraiser was illegal because the invitations were listed as being paid for by Jason Carter’s campaign committee, Carter for Governor Inc., and were sent while the legislature was in session. State law prevents legislators and state constitutional officers from fundraising while the session is underway.

The Commission’s response (PDF) said,

While you are correct that a member of the Georgia General Assembly is prohibited from soliciting contributions for their campaign while the Assembly is in session, there is no such prohibition that prevents a member of the General Assembly from soliciting campaign funds for political parties or non-candidate campaign committees during a legislative session.”

Since the proceeds from the fundraiser went to the Georgia Democratic Party’s Georgia Victory 2014 Fund, the Commission ruled that no violation of campaign law had occurred.


  1. Stefan says:

    Entirely the correct result. The prohibition against in-session giving is really about influencing pending legislation, and since Democrats have little say on pending legislation, they should probably be allowed to solicit contributions.

    I kid, I kid!

  2. NoTeabagging says:

    It’s all about workin’ the system. Too bad we have to listen to the whiners when either team makes a good play.

  3. oscardagrch says:

    Didn’t the Carter campaign file complaints against the Governor after the Governor decided not to repudiate this complaint? Or am I making that up? I can’t remember if that actually happened or was just talk.

    If they did file a complaint what has happened with that one?

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