Cagle and Perdue Release TV Ads

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle released his first TV ad today.  The focus is on college and career academies and increasing innovation in education.

The ad makes absolutely no mention of his Democratic opponent, Connie Stokes.  The ad is very upbeat and positive, so it should stand out from the other TV ads currently on the airwaves.

U.S. Senate candidate David Perdue also released another TV ad today that focuses on cutting spending in Washington.

Perdue, through a narrator, takes a brief jab at Obama and Nunn in the first 10 seconds.  The ad then takes a more positive tone as Perdue begins speaking.

Ad scripts can be found after the break.

Cagle Script:

Cagle: I want Georgia to lead the nation in educational innovation.

Katy Arrowood (CEO, Athens Community Career Academy): Students have to be ready for 21st Century careers.

Cagle: Our college and career academies stress academic excellence, teaching college-level, specialized skills that prepare students to compete in the global market.

Arrowood: With 29 academies across the state, Casey Cagle is putting our children on the path to college and good paying jobs.

Cagle and Arrowood: Working together…

Cagle: We can build a better Georgia.

Perdue Script:

 Narrator: He thinks massive government spending will fix our economy. She’ll vote, well, for whatever he wants.

Michelle Nunn: I defer, uh, to, uh, to the president’s judgment.

David Perdue: Washington is addicted to spending, and our kids and grandkids are inheriting massive debt. If we significantly cut government spending, actually balance the budget, and pay down our debt, we can unleash this economy and help future generations grab on to our American dream.

I’m David Perdue. I approve this message.


  1. jh says:

    Does anyone else cringe from the last 5 seconds in the ad when his mouth is agape, and the angle makes him look 80?

  2. Trey A. says:

    Perdue proved in the primary that he’s got the right people (and the deep pockets) to win in Georgia. I don’t question anything his campaign is doing at this point.

    • Charlie says:

      I agree, with a huge caveat:

      There’s a big difference between understanding a winning strategy for a primary and having the same for a general election. We’ll see if it holds true.

      • Lea Thrace says:

        The art is all in the shift from focus on attracting the base to focus on attracting the “entire” voting population. Which is really tough to do considering what some “have” to do in the primary.

        Fun to watch from the sidelines though…

  3. NoTeabagging says:

    The Cagle message is refreshingly nice, but what can a “Lite” Gov. really do for Education?
    This is a year of the silent Lt. Gov. running mates. Is it because they really are just riding the coattails of their respective Governor candidates? or does the position not have much meaning for voters? Is Lt. Gov a position that voters will vote for specific people? or (as I assume) just tick the same party candidate without thinking?

    I am way sure Connie Stokes is betting on the last scenario for her votes.

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