Morning Reads for Friday, September 26, 2014

– Something about Karma and income inequality
– The Fed’s never-ending power-grabs
– Marvy…more toll lanes for Gwinnett.
– Someone PLEASE tell Jason Carter how stupid this would be.
– Does Waleska have a harbor we can dump tea into?

Your government at work. Where’s the tar and feathers?
– Wow. More Karma, or something.
FBI has identified Jihadi John.
– Dear Heavens, pray Limbaugh is wrong this time.
– Prayers needed. 1st Infantry Division HQ headed to Iraq.

Random Everywhere:
Another cover-up you won’t hear much about.
Shades of World War Z.
– You know, there’s a football game tomorrow.




  1. Noway says:

    Whether it’s Hickville-Waleska charging a dorm tax or the freaking forest service wanting to charge you for taking pictures and then censuring those very photos, is anyone really surprise anymore with the gov’t finding more and more ways to harass itself into your wallet? Truly disturbing.

  2. John Konop says:

    As far as the Carter idea on investing into start up companies: I would do second stage with real revanue…..similar type returns way less risk….same type of stimulus effect….

  3. taylor says:

    I don’t know if Carter’s plan for TRS is stupid or not. But if it’s such a terrible idea, why did the General Assembly allow every other state retirement plan and many local plans to make these investments with passage of a 2012 law? There was nothing about TRS that made the idea less applicable, it was simply the teacher lobby that kept TRS out of the bill. The Georgia Public Policy Foundation was pushing this policy for years.

    • saltycracker says:

      There are areas of alternative investments like high risk startup funding best left to venture capitalists. Maybe with thinking like Carter the Assembly should reconsider opening that door. He’s either reckless or stupid, with public money, you pick.

      • taylor says:

        I believe that the money goes to venture capitalist firms for investment. Pension employees aren’t picking new companies for investment.

  4. Raleigh says:

    It must be dire times in Waleska because they are considering applying the Hotel Motel Tax to poor college students renting dorm rooms. The Mayor said the revenue would go toward sidewalks, street lights and signage and the rest would be applied to “other” city necessities. I wonder if one of those “other” services might be a soup kitchen for those students who would have to pay the tax?

    Maybe we can help them out by pointing out other areas where they could generate more tax revenue. Since a dorm room is a form of rental property maybe the tax could be extended to all rental property commercial as well as residential. Here’s another Idea, make everyone using sidewalks buy tags just like automobiles. Of course that means they would need a walking license plus liability insurance and walkers training so everyone would know the rules of the road. Another Idea is a couple of years ago the state legislature made keeping road kill legal. Maybe Waleska could impose a road kill tax on any deer, rabbit, or possum collected. I would imagine the possum fee would be very lucrative for them unless the chicken succeeds in teaching the possum that it is possible to cross the road.

    This does remind me of a saying Gerald Ford used during an address to congress in 1974. “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take everything you have.” Apparently federal, state, and local governments took that to heart.

    • Will Durant says:

      Well they could just resort to the traditional methods in Georgia towns of speed traps. Civil forfeitures for finding a little weed can easily reimburse them for the price of a K-9. And of course tag scanners are proving to pay for themselves in the first 4 months.

  5. Noway says:

    Oh, and those rabid practitioners of The Religion of Peace executed a women’s rights activist in Iraq. I’m shocked!

  6. Jon Lester says:

    I wish they would use the term “income disparity” instead, because there’s no reason why everyone’s wealth should be equal. Anytime a headline uses the word “inequality,” you know it’s not an objective report.

    • objective says:

      that income inequality map just looks like a typical urban/rural divide, which makes sense because central cores of urban areas have high incidences of pockets of poverty.
      as for disparity vs inequality language, i don’t think either word captures a legit gov goal as far as income is concerned, b/c the gov goal is about equality of opportunity, not actual income. perhaps income “fairness” works.. or maybe “economic equality”…

  7. xdog says:

    Non-scientific online poll results by The Oconee Enterprise:

    Deal 52.6, Carter 42.1, Hunt 5.3

    2010 voting tally:

    Deal 70.5, Barnes 24.4, Monds 5.1

  8. benevolus says:

    — Sen. Rand Paul castigated President Barack Obama on Friday for his use of executive action, arguing the President is an “arrogant” leader whose policies resemble those of an “autocrat.”

    How can anyone blame libs for pulling the race card when Repub leaders say stuff like this?
    Fer cryin out loud, we’re only 6 years past GWB.

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