AG Eric Holder to Resign Today


Attorney General Eric Holder will announce Thursday that he will resign after six years at the Justice Department helm. The attorney general has agreed to remain in his post until the confirmation of his successor, a Justice Department official confirmed to CNN.

At a formal announcement later Thursday, Holder plans to express his personal gratitude to President Barack Obama for the opportunity to serve in his administration and to lead the Justice Department, which he will call the “greatest honor of my professional life.”

As for his replacement, let the games begin.


    • MattMD says:

      I doubt it, since he isn’t even one of the worst in recent history.

      Gonzales and Ashcroft were much worse and one might be even be able to argue Reno. However, in Reno’s case I think a lot of blame lied within the FBI and ATF.

        • MattMD says:

          I totally get where you are coming from but I would put up trying to legally justify torture and some of the nastier parts of the Patriot Act to Watergate any day of the week. Gonzales was an empty suit and Ashcroft was just plain nuts.

          Meese was certainly a dirtbag.

          • WeymanCWannamakerJr says:

            I believe John Mitchell is the only one that has received prison time for his actions while AG.
            Ashcroft, Mukasey, Gonzales & Holder all should be prosecuted for allowing the abuse of the Constitution by the NSA’s domestic wiretapping without warrants.

            • Noway says:

              Correct me if my memory is faulty but wasn’t the electronic surveillance of phone calls sold to us as interception and listening would occur only if the call originated outside of the US and the conversation had something to do with terrorism? From THAT to all of the data mining of literally everything? Just damn…

      • Lea Thrace says:

        Thanks for link.

        Do you know where to find how many total nominations? Would be interested to know if that 265 is a majority or minority number?

        • Lawton Sack says:

          The Senate nomination page can be found HERE

          The breakdown for 2013-14 civilian nominations appears to breakdown as follows, using some Excel formulas to go through the nominations:

          495 confirmations
          281 failures/returns
          84 in committee
          63 privileged (These skip the committees by Senate Rules)
          23 withdrawn

          Total 946

          Thus, the confirmations would be about 52%, if you include all of them. 62% have been confirmed if you count only the nominations that have either been voted on or withdrawn.

          It appears that no Attorney General nomination has ever been rejected by the Senate in U.S. History. The nomination of Zoe E. Baird, who was nominated by Bill Clinton in 1993, was withdrawn. History of nominations

  1. Charlie says:

    GAINESVILLE, GA [Sept 25] – Congressman Doug Collins (GA-09) today welcomed the news of Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation. Congressman Collins said:

    “In multiple committee hearings where I personally questioned Eric Holder, I found him the very personification of the evasive, obstructive, and divisive politics that defines the Obama Administration. He should have been gone before I even got to Congress after he was held in criminal contempt by the House of Representatives, but he defiantly persisted. His departure doesn’t release him for the responsibility he holds for the mistakes he’s made and the abuses of power he’s committed, but it’s my best hope that it paves the way for a functioning relationship with Congress—the representatives of the American people—again.”

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