Rick Allen’s Response to Barrow’s Forum Statements

John Barrow’s campaign released a statement earlier this morning stating that Rick Allen had withdrawn from a forum scheduled for this Saturday in Augusta.  The forum was originally co-sponsored by the Islamic Society of Augusta and the Columbia County News-Times, but apparently the News-Times has pulled out of the event.

Rick Allen’s campaign has responded with a statement that he has not withdrawn from an agreement to participate in a forum sponsored by the Columbia County News Times:

“The Columbia County News Times that was co-sponsoring the forum has withdrawn from the arrangement and is trying to establish its own event.  Allen, for his part, has not withdrawn from anything.”

The full press release from the Allen campaign also included a quote from Dan McLagan, a spokesman for the campaign:

“It is interesting that the only two standing shoulder to shoulder on this topic are John Barrow and a Muslim cleric who are attacking Rick Allen together.  Barrow’s obviously close association with the head of the Islamic Center is his affair but it does make this a suspect venue for us. All of our contact has been with the News-Times and we would be happy to continue our conversations with them.”

Full disclosure: I am the Chairman of the Bulloch County Republican Party and the former GA-12 District Chairman.  This is simply being posted as further information in regards to this morning’s statement by Congressman Barrow.


  1. Will Durant says:

    Why did the Columbia County News-Times back out? Was it because of the association with the Muslim group? Was it meant to help associate Mr. Barrow with the Muslim group?

      • Will Durant says:

        Well, it does look like they are a competitor, albeit as a freebie paper vs. the Morris papers, so they could be axe grinding. However it rings too true to not have some truth in it. It appears that much like Jody Hice, Mr. Morris wants his 1st Amendment rights but just doesn’t think they apply to everyone.

    • Charlie says:

      We don’t play that game around here. The fact that someone volunteers their time to post matters (with full disclosure above) doesn’t invite them to have to dance to anyone else’s agenda. I strongly suggest you not attempt to play that game if you wish to remain in this arena.

    • Al Gray says:

      That is a feeling some of us in east central Georgia have had for three years now. You just have to look at the humorous side of what our officialdom gets into.

  2. oscardagrch says:

    As a person of color I cannot begin to tell you how offended I am by that press release.

    I hold many conservative values but is blatant racism like that which keeps me away from the “conservative” party on so many elections.

    • Harry says:

      Whatever, this will earn Rick more net votes than John. Just the facts.

      On the subject of the Democratic party and Islamic involvement therein, I find it very interesting that Democrats manage to attract Islamics to their side while also retaining support of feminists and homosexuals. It smells like expedient hypocrisy or maybe just politics as usual. You never see GOP-style internecine war, but will be fascinating if it ever occurs.

      • Sorry Harry, the Ds get these fringe groups by default, not by choice. That includes anyone who is not white, male and middle aged. At least we still have a choice.

        Why? Simple enough; most GOP voters irrationally hate/fear those fringe groups. Who wants to associate with a gang of haters? You know, the ones who are selective about who gets constitutional rights and who should be denied for, ahem, being not Christian-like-them.

        I understand it perplexes you how people of diversity can unite. It seems to be a common problem with your voting base, this concept of getting along. This snide backhanded “democrats support terrorists” intimation is losing you all credibility with each eyeroll.

  3. Gray says:

    The Democratic Party is more heterogeneous. It consists of a multitude of different factions.. The GOP is more homogeneous. It is more similar in demographic makeup.

    One is not inherently better than the other. It just explains why one party operates differently than the other.

    • drjay says:

      wow, this story was so “big” that it warranted multiple posts, but the only mention of the debate being back on (information that was available yesterday evening) is hidden here in the comments?


      • oscardagrch says:

        Except the debate is back on and it is not at the Islamic Center….which basically is a big middle finger to the Islamic Center for trying to go above and beyond and attempting to host a debate…

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