Rick Allen Drops out of First Debate Against John Barrow

Rick Allen announced he will not take part in Saturday’s scheduled debate with Congressman John Barrow.

Saturday’s debate was apparently the only one scheduled for the Augusta area, and Allen only agreed to it after Barrow’s camps made several concessions for the challenger.

In a statement, Barrow said:

“Folks in the 12th District have been waiting a long time to hear from Rick Allen. A debate is the appropriate venue to discuss our differences, and it’s unfortunate that he’s unwilling to talk with voters in the only debate scheduled for the Augusta region. I call on Rick Allen to reconsider, name a location for us to discuss the issues Saturday, and once and for all face the voters to explain where he stands on the important issues we face.”

The two are scheduled to face off in a forum organized by The Statesboro Herald on Oct. 16.


  1. Jon Lester says:

    While I don’t approve of certain foreign policy votes Barrow has cast this year, it’s looking like he has yet another turkey of an opponent. As Major Thorn said in the remake of “Sgt. Bilko,” “that’s not a slump, Colonel. That’s a tradition.”

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