Pomposity-Free Morning Reads

You already know how exceedingly great these will be, what could I possibly say about them?

“Lighthouse Blues” from Gerald Wilson (RIP)

  1. Claim that Michelle Nunn’s group funded terrorists is bogus. 
  2. Data from 56 million cards used at Home Depot allegedly left vulnerable. 
  3. Why Atlanta is ripe for innovation: Center for Civic Innovation in Atlanta founder.
  4. Star witness in Burrell Ellis back on the stand today. 
  5. We have a jury for the APS trial! 
  6. Lobbyist spending up by 35%.
  7. Overall, home value stats are good for sellers. 
  8. Well that makes things interesting… Robert Spano sides with musicians. 
  9. #PantherFamily brings you probably the only feel-good story from this NFL season. 
  10. Let’s not talk about Panther Family’s post-Huskies injuries, thanks.
  11. Some big-name artists joining High’s collection. 
  12. Your leaves are probably already changing colors. 
  13. Some basic cooking lessons here worth reviewing always. 


  1. saltycracker says:

    Yes the campaign ad race to the bottom (or who passed the smelliest gas) is sadly preferred over how they will address our real issues. Nunn has cleared the room with hers.

    But a to do list sans a hint of how isn’t so productive either as Jason Carter’s list defies common sense with anyone that can count.

    • Will Durant says:

      I understand that it is simpler for the 501(c)(3), 527’s, etc. to do the dirty work since they legally can’t “support” a particular candidate. I have been surprised that a lot of the most recent bile going back and forth in the Senate race from both sides have been paid for out of their own campaign funds. Most people claim they want to just hear the candidates themselves give the reasons they should be elected without the poo flinging. Is that really the case though?

      • Lea Thrace says:

        I would speculate that it has more to do with outside orgs thinking the seat is relatively safe and therefore choosing to spend their money on more contested races?

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