Early Voting Expands in Gwinnett, Maybe in Macon, Too

Elections officials in Georgia’s second largest county haven’t opted to offer Sunday voting, but they are offering additional locations and times to vote early in person this November. According to information on the county’s website, two additional early voting locations have been added to the four used in prior elections. The new locations are the Bogan Park Recreation Center near the Mall of Georgia in Buford, and the Lenora Park Activity Room in Snellville.

Advance voting will continue to be offered at the Centerville Community Center, Lucky Shoals Park in Norcross, the Dacula Activity Building, and George Pierce Park in Suwanee. The six locations will be open from 9 AM-4 PM on Saturday, October 25th, and from 9 AM – 7 PM October 27-31. The elections office in Lawrenceville will offer Saturday voting not only on the 25th, but also on October 18th. The elections office will also be open for in person voting from 8-4 PM on weekdays between October 13th and 31st.

Sunday voting could be coming to Macon if the county’s Board of Elections approves a proposal at a meeting scheduled for Thursday. WMAZ is reporting that the county has set aside $3,000 from its general fund in order to pay poll workers. If approved, Macon/Bibb would join Fulton, DeKalb and Lowndes counties in offering Sunday voting.


  1. George Chidi says:

    I’ve known the Gwinnett elections folks for years, and Lynn Ledford is not one to play games. That said, I can imagine she took another look at early voting places after the Fran Millar kerfluffle, looking at population density and geographic balance for early voting locations.

    In my experience, she measures electoral success by voter turnout — the more people vote, the better she considers her job done. But I’ve also found her to be a small-c conservative around issues of technology and access; while she might go for it this run (and I hope she does), I wouldn’t be surprised if she holds on Sunday voting to see if it materially impacts turnout in DeKalb and elsewhere. If it does, she’ll slate it on elections moving forward and it won’t matter what anyone says, Republican or Democrat.

  2. Will Durant says:

    Fine by me. I get a location closer to home.

    Obviously the heathen Democrats are the only ones voting on Sundays. /sarc

  3. Will Durant says:

    Since the counties are adding more days and locations for in-person “absentee” voting can we go back to requiring a statement of hardship to receive the paper snail mail ballots? There is obviously more expense and opportunity for fraud involved with the mailed ballots. I certainly would not want to keep those that need to vote that way from voting but is asking that they sign an affidavit too much?

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