Anti-Carter TV Ad Released By RGA

A new television ad was released today by the Republican Governors Association.  The video, which can be seen below, can be summed up by the words of RGA Communications Director Gail Gitcho:

“Jason Carter’s liberal approach is simply the wrong approach for Georgia.  Carter’s record indicates he wouldn’t be a jobs governor or an education governor, and his plan for the state is rooted in increased spending and more ObamaCare.  Jason Carter’s priorities are seriously misplaced, and Georgia can’t afford to advance his out-of-touch agenda.”

The script can be seen after the break.


When it comes to growing the economy and creating jobs, Jason Carter admits his plan won’t create many jobs anytime soon.


He won’t be a jobs governor.

Instead, Jason Carter promises to invest more in education, but Carter actually opposed more funding for education in the Senate.


He won’t be an education governor either.

Jason Carter will be a spending governor.

Expanding ObamaCare.

Billions in spending.

Georgia families can’t afford Jason Carter.


  1. I wish special interests from outside the state did not interfere with our election system. What’s next, a slate of Chinese candidates backed by Asian interests?

    Now THAT…would be ironic

    brb, watching ad made me want to send Carter some Cash…

  2. saltycracker says:

    Caters latest ad says he is going to get money in the middle class pockets and do something about tax deals for big business.

    According to Jason Carter for gov web site – Jason’s plan is:

    Promote small business by EXPANDING big Corp incentives to small businesses.
    Promote innovation in the startup economy (investment by using the teachers pension funds) and adopt a regulatory and tax environment to attract capital.
    k-12 funding (apparently by restoring state support allowing counties to reduce property taxes raised to replace those losses)
    HOPE scholarship – restore and cover the increasing costs
    Pre-K: deal cut it $56 m and he will fix that and fully fund incentives for new and existing teachers
    Support teacher workforce: recruit, retain and support. Reinstate bonuses and HOPE scholarships for teachers.

    So the middle class in GA will have more money from teachers pension investments but where will the money come from for education and hiring so many more teachers – that will earn early pensions and benefits by their early 50’s ?

    • saltycracker says:

      And reading Carter cr*p this “early” causes coffee spew on my iphone

      Billions and billions of spending and no tax increases….wow

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