WGST Peach Pundit Radio – Weekend Redux

For those of you who somehow didn’t drop what you were doing yesterday noon to 1pm, you have a second chance.

WGST will be rebroadcasting an hour of conversation with Rich Sullivan, Mike Hassinger, and myself, as we rant and rave about whether we’re headed to runoffs, if there’s just smoke or real fire with the Secretary of State’s investigation into voter registration fraud (and who is most likely to get burned), and who has the best plan to fix Georgia’s schools.  As a bonus, I pull out my little used “constitutional scholar” title at the end to answer a question from a caller.

Listen live on WGST 640 AM at 9am tomorrow (Saturday), or click this link right here about then.


  1. FranInAtlanta says:

    My suspicion is that just enough fraudulent (unmarked by the agency) registrations were delivered to cause complaint so that Kemp could be pointed to as a vote-suppressor. Recently, I read that there were only a few voters voting in multiple places and that it was made obvious so that the piling up of votes by the poll officials would not be noticed. Note that all of the voter ID in the world will not stop piling up of votes by poll officials.

  2. Will Durant says:

    My suspicion is that he is just a patsy for the Perdue team but I could be convinced that he is only a dupe, good point.

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