Reedins for Yer Murnning Constitutionals This Be, Friday, September the 19, The Year of ‘Er Loard, Twenty and Ferteens

This day be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, you scurvy dogs. Avast ye swabs! So have a gander on these thar tidbits, iffin that be if yer can read a’tall or be off with yer! Arrgh!

This Spot:
– Tha Head Landlubber scuttled Atlanta traffic, again.
Scallywags debatin’…it’s enough to singe your beard! Savvy?
– What be these midgety schooners?
– Pirates need be punderin’, not villages them tharselves.

N’ That Spot:
– That thar’s a big fight a’ brewin’. Hoist the Jolly Roger!
A’plottinn’ and a’schemin’ wost get yer nowhar, iffins yer lost yer map
– Didna yer muthers teach yer ne’er to cheat yer elders?
– Shiver me timbers! Penn State’s gots some hornswagglin’ ways.

Davey Jones’ Locker:
– After keelhaulin’ us all, Oracle Cap’n retires to his desert island.
– Blimey! We knew it to be true.
– He be prayin’ tweren’t lightnin’, he was.

Open Thread:



    • Jon Richards says:

      You do realize this is about the most misleading headline I’ve seen in a long time. While sounding like there was some evil plot by the leftist Speaker of the House and Minority Leader to make conditions worse for righteous Americans, what actually happened in that the House passed a continuing resolution to fund the government for another two months, with essentially no changes in funding levels from what we have now.

        • Jon Richards says:

          Much will depend on who has control of the Senate, I think. Either way, though, I don’t expect to see significant changes. And I don’t think either Planned Parenthood or Obamacare will be defunded.

          • Harry says:

            Well they should be defunded, and if it’s allowed by Boehner anyway, then the voters should be made aware and not let the media get away with ignoring such bad policy as taxpayer funding and encouragement of bad moral choices, and use of more taxpayer money to bail out the failed Obamacare.

            • Ellynn says:

              The speaker does not want a replay of the budget bill from last year a month before an election that could give the GOP the senate. Last time the GOP took the hit on the shut down.

              • Harry says:

                It’s true the media and Obama would try that stunt, but standing for principle would serve the GOP well no matter the cost.

            • NoTeabagging says:

              The GOP isn’t acting on real complaints for people affected by Un-Affordable “Obamacare”. Neither are the Democrats for that matter. IF Republicans want to take down Obamacare they need to do more that simply vote against a Democratic bill passed under a Democrat President. They continue ignoring the input from their constiuents.

      • saltycracker says:

        Lots of irony/quid pro quos in a multi-layered bill where politicians agree to spend, plan parenthood and support foreign muslim rebels.

  1. Ed says:

    I swear this is not the first talk like a pirate day for 2014.

    Or maybe I’m just getting old an all the days are blending in.

  2. BriscoeDarlin says:

    I heard Erick on the radio a second ago. Interesting take on boys/males: “Boys are there to protect and provide…” for girls/females/mothers/sisters/aunts/girlfriends. Love it! 10000% agree. And girls/females appreciate it….

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