Morning Reads – Thursday, September 18, 2014

On this day in 1789, Alexander Hamilton negotiated and secured the first loan for our country. The Temporary Loan of 1789 was repaid on June 8, 1790 at the sum of $191,608.81. Less than one year. What  a concept!

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  1. Re: Clemson wants students sexual history.

    1) Some student should file suit and get this policy changed. That’s outrageous.
    2) Republicans always get blamed for wanting to control what happens in people’s bedrooms. When did the GOP take over the Clemson administration?

    • saltycracker says:

      Suspect The number of times and partners will vary by big multiples between the frat house and the sorority……proving math is an educational failure at Clemson

  2. greencracker says:

    The state tax easement that’s visited on Crawford County is not so much “green” as “rural.” It’s the CUVA, “Conservation Use Value Easement,” and it covers farms as well as former farms that have grown back up in trees (aka forests.)

  3. Max Power says:

    About that loan some clarification may be needed. It was the first loan taken under the new congress established by the Constitution rather than the articles of confederation. And it was done without congressional approval and therefore was of questionable legality. So for all those who complain about politicians ignoring the constitution, it has been going on since day one.

  4. saltycracker says:

    Forgiven student loans: Says the students can petition for forgiveness from a closed school. (Defaulted loan).

    The banks sell their bad loans for pennies on the dollar to another party and write it off – – can they go back on the taxpayers (fed) ?

    When stories like this are written they never connect all the dots of obvious question,what is the bottom line impact on the guarantor taxpayer ?

  5. Will Durant says:

    The Conservation Use Value Assessment is another example of good intentions run amok. It had little to do with being “green” in the first place regardless of the word Conservation used in the title. It originally had more to do with people being able to retain their family land but has morphed into a tax dodge for the well connected and commercial developers in some cases. Many more counties than Crawford are suffering from the loss of the tax base and the legislature should revisit this but I’m not going to hold my breath.

    How did a judge that admits to having seen The Big Lebowski make it to their Supreme Court? The dude abides.

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