Brian Kemp Responds to Voter Registration Issues

Since Wednesday’s meeting of the Georgia Elections Board to discuss the subpoena by Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp to the New Georgia Project seeking information about potential fraudulent voter registration forms, there have been plenty of accusations about whether the SOS office was making a mountain over a molehill in an effort to intimidate the New Georgia Project. Stefan echoed some of these concerns in a post late yesterday afternoon.

This afternoon Kemp issued a statement and a fact check to bring some clarity to the situation.

In recent weeks there have been multiple reports in the media regarding the Office of the Secretary of State’s investigation into The New Georgia Project and Third Sector Development, some containing false information. I am issuing the following information in order to set the record straight. Yesterday, the State Elections Board unanimously affirmed our intent to fully investigate these possible criminal violations. We will vigorously and thoroughly investigate this and any situation involving possible voter registration fraud. I was elected as Georgia’s Secretary of State to ensure secure, accessible and fair elections. I will never retreat from that constitutional duty and obligation.

One big question was whether the 25 registration applications flagged as possibly bring fraudulent were previously identified by the New Georgia Project, which would mean the Secretary of State’s office had not found any evidence on its own. According to the fact check, the possibly fraudulent registration applications were identified by election workers:

Claim: The New Georgia project “flagged” the 25 fraudulent voter registration forms that have been confirmed as forgeries and delivered them to the Office of the Secretary of State.

Fact: Each and every one of the confirmed forgeries came to the Investigations Division from county elections officials. The New Georgia Project did not self-report any of the 25 confirmed forged voter registration forms.

Kemp’s office also refuted the claim there are over 50,000 voter registration applications at the Secretary of State’s office that aren’t being processed due to the investigation. Noting that the Georgia Code requires voter registration applications to be processed by county registrars, the fact sheet says that there are no applications in his office waiting to be sent to counties.

Anyone wanting to vote in the November election must be registered by October 6th. There is a sense that Democrats could be close to achieving their goal of registering enough voters to turn Georgia blue. With so much at stake, expect the claims and counterclaims from each side to continue.


  1. South Fulton Guy says:

    So if New GA Project turns in questionable voter registration applications, they break the law or if they screen them and don’t turn those 25 questionable ones in they break the law, which poison should they choose?

    • WeymanCWannamakerJr says:

      “Catch-22 states that agents enforcing Catch-22 need not prove that Catch-22 actually contains whatever provision the accused violator is accused of violating.”

    • radix023 says:

      As said in their defence, you are required to turn in all filled out forms. New GA Project does not break the law turning in forms that the voter filled in falsely. New GA Project would only be breaking the law if their representative did the falsification, which is what is alleged. Nothing stops New GA Project from noting that they think that a form is suspect when they turn it in, but according to the release from Sec Kemp’s office that did not happen.

  2. How about the SOS gets off their butts and updates the online registration statistics for the 9/1/2014 file. It typically gets done on the 10th of the month (even in election years). It’s almost the 20th…

  3. IndyPendant says:

    Sure, he was elected, AFTER he was appointed Secretary of State. Power of incumbency.

    Hey Mr. Kemp, tell everyone about those concrete windows you installed in Athens.

  4. Will Durant says:

    Somebody in the Perdue camp if not the man himself needs to tell Sec. Kemp to shut up and walk the cat back as best as is possible at this point. With their attempts at mudslinging they may succeed in blowing the last good chance for a Senate seat while the Republicans are still the clear majority in the state. All they had to do was stay positive, throw out the red meat and he could have waltzed in. Now I’m not so sure.

  5. benevolus says:

    So what’s up with the 50,000 unprocessed applications? Kemp says that they have been vetted and passed on to the counties. Are they going to get them done in time? Do they need help?

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