Morning Reads for September 17–They’re Pretty Good

No promises of quality this week, sorry.

“Every Mother’s Son” is literally the only palatable song from Lynyrd Skynyrd.

  1. Do I have some qualms, quibbles and quandaries with the philosophy, practices and prognostications with this? Yes. Did Creative Loafing generally get it right? Yes. 
  2. Atlanta had 10th-largest Metro GDP in 2013, GA’s GDP hit $307.2 billion. #money
  3. New York Times Editorial Board gives a shoutout (sort of) to the New Georgia Project.
  4. $155 million in funding for chicken lab is for the birds (or whatever is the appropriate avian pun). 
  5. Atlanta attempting to become a global arbitration hub.
  6. Druid Hills is Georgia’s smartest “town.” 
  7. Coca-Cola CEO remembers Truett Cathy’s lessons on life and business. 
  8. The challenges ahead for UPS. 
  9. Home Depot moved fast to stop the hackers. The problem? The hackers moved faster. 
  10. Seriously, Morris Brown just needs to go away.
  11. Hey, y’aaalllllll! Paula Deen’s comin’ back on TV! Add four sticks of butter… 
  12. Mayweather bout was over before it began. 
  13. “Horrible” and “no interest” used to describe betting action with Floyd. 


  1. Ed says:

    Since you asked… Here are my favorite “Freebird” stories.

    In 2005, I saw Magnolia Electric Co. at Variety. Of course I shouted “FREEEEEEBIRRRD!” and Jason Groth who was their guitarist runs over to a microphone and screams: “Hey, you’re only the second —hole to do that all tour!” After the show I went out back to my car and overheard him saying to the band: “I hope I wasn’t too harsh on that guy I called an —hole.” I go “HEY! THAT WAS ME! I’M THAT —hole!”

    Sometime in college me and some friends snuck in to a Sonic Youth show (well, they paid for tickets, I forged a re-entry hand stamp with some washable markers we went and bought). I said “let’s shout ‘Freebird’ on three.” They agreed. I count down, and it’s a complete lull by the time it hits one. They both shout it out, I don’t. They’re embarrassed and sort of angry. Thurston Moore however heard it and just went “heh.” It was kind of awesome.

  2. xdog says:

    The Braves continue to prove it’s difficult to win ball games without scoring runs. For those counting, that makes 5 losses in a row, 3-11 this month, their 14th shutout suffered. Not only did the Nats clinch but Atlanta fell 5.5 out of the last playoff spot and dropped below 500.

  3. Max Power says:

    Atlanta had 10th-largest Metro GDP in 2013: That looks great until you realize the Atlanta Metropolitan Statistical Area is the 9th largest in terms of population. We’re punching below our weight.

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