Governor Deal Actively Engages with African Americans

Governor Deal answers questions at the Political Cocktails event.  Photo:  Joash Thomas
Governor Deal answers questions at the Political Cocktails event. Photo: Joash Thomas
Governor Nathan Deal seems to be making a conscious effort to actively engage with African Americans and Young Adults / Millennials, two voter demographics for which the GOP is generally considered to lack appeal. The Governor made two back-to-back campaign stops Tuesday night to address a few voters from these groups, Young Professionals for Deal and Political Cocktails.

While Young Professionals for Deal was an event affiliated with the Deal campaign, Political Cocktails was hosted by Cory Ruth, a young African American businessman in Atlanta and a former candidate for US Congress and the Fulton County Commission’s 3rd District. This event saw a good number of prominent African American business owners, entrepreneurs and community leaders in attendance. The Governor answered questions from the attendees on minority-owned small business growth, jobs, school choice and criminal justice reform.

Governor Deal’s stances on school choice and criminal justice reform drew a lot of positive feedback from his audience. Last week, Deal announced his support for exploring the adoption of a state-wide charter school district similar to Louisiana’s Recovery School District. Eric did a break-down analysis of what this model could look like in Georgia. Moreover, a recent poll conducted by the Economics of Education Policy Center at Georgia College and State University shows that African American support for School Choice programs in Georgia is slightly higher than that of the rest of the state (especially among lower and middle-income African Americans).

As far as Criminal Justice is concerned, a recent Atlanta Daily World article notes black incarceration rates have dramatically fallen (19% for males and 33% for females) under Governor Deal’s tenure.

Do you think the Governor’s efforts to engage with African Americans will pay off come November? If not, what will it take from him to win over a significant amount of the African American voter base in Georgia?


    • Harry says:

      Understand it’s not just “optics.” I don’t know where you’re coming from with that comment. I do know that Democrats and media will throw out the retort “optics”. Connecting with like-minded potential GOP voters is what winners do. Reaching out to every demographic, even nominal non-supporters, is just good no matter the outcome.

  1. chartercandidate says:

    I am also wondering if anyone asked him about his plans to restrict Sunday voting if re-elected. I don’t know if restricting the vote in DeKalb county is the type of engagement that Deal wants to talk about.

    • Harry says:

      I’m also wondering if anyone asked Obama about his plans to further degrade the economy by bringing in 100,000 unaccompanied youth from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador and make them legal after the election along with eventually their families as well who will be sponsored by the youth. I don’t know if this method of undermining the GOP vote is the type of “change” that Obama wants to talk about.

        • Harry says:

          You’re conveniently leaving out all the Asians, Africans, Mexicans, other Latin Americans, Europeans and their family members. Not to mention all our home-grown welfare cases who also vote Democrat for the benefits.

          • Ellynn says:

            3 of the 5 welfare cases I know of are nice pro-life bapstist with lots of children in the middle of the state who are voting for Deal… just saying.

            As a side note, my little project in helping lower the number of people on government programs one woman at a time is going well. She started her job, her youngest can be placed in a daycare program that is currently under a private grant for 6 months, her check book balancing skills are improving, she has a court date for child support and we got her drivers licenced updated which got her registered to vote, so she can now vote for the very first time in November. She’s voting for Nunn, because she is very anti men at the moment.

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