President Bush 41 Endorses Perdue–Not His Former Employee

President George HW Bush made things kind of awkward yesterday.

The 41st President endorsed David Perdue. His decision is made all the more interesting considering, you know, Michelle Nunn ran President Bush’s Point’s of Light foundation. 

But the endorsement gets better! While David Perdue was mining the all-important Kennebunkport, Maine vote for his Georgia Senatorial campaign, we got this wonderfully-uncomfortable looking photo (from The AJC).



  1. Will Durant says:

    I’m going to lay off commenting on the picture itself out of respect, but in the digital age there is no excuse for the photographer to let that one slide.

    Now the picture in the AJC this morning of the Governor looking at Jason Carter last night… Well, lets just say it represents some photojournalism that is worthy of the old Speed Graphic days.

    • The AJC picture is a good example of how the press can be biased against you in subtle ways if they think you suck.

      As for Bush – you have to wonder if this was his way of saying of course I have to endorse you because you’re the Republican and my son wants to run for President as a Republican, but good luck using the photo…

      • George Chidi says:

        If any of you sons of guns think you’ll look half that good at 90, then feel free to talk.

        Bear in mind that George Bush Senior is a stone cold killer. He served as director of the CIA for all of one year and they named the CIA building after him. He still jumps out of airplanes even though he can’t walk, because screw it — the ground will survive.

        Tell him his face looks goofy. Tell him, to his face, so he can KILL YOUR FACE OFF YOUR FACE.

    • “This is Crack Cocaine.”

      “Read my lips, no. new. taxes.”

      “It’s no exaggeration to say the undecideds could go one way or another.”

      “Let me give you a little serious political advice. One single word. Puppies. Worth the points.”

      Good Times™

  2. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    It’s all about the visuals..

    Everyone in politics knows this, and it’s inexcusable to subject both the elder Bush’s to this. Imagine how difficult all this was for everyone to host this nonevent when a simple press release would have been sufficient. What? No one would believe Perdue without a photo?

    Again, I have to say, it was gratuitous and entirely unnecessary to put them through this.

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    Bush I based on the current trajectory of the GOP, is increasing likely to have been the last vote I’ll ever cast for a GOP candidate for President. I supported Bush instead of Ronald “voodoo economics” Reagan (and that was at a time when my vote was as much GOP as it is Dem now).

    The AJC reported it was an RSCC ad, and that Neil Bush condemned Perdue saying “It really makes my blood boil to think someone would make that kind of allegation’ [that Nunn / Points of Light “gave money to organizations linked to terrorists”]

    Poppy taking one for the team, and Neil letting the GOP know he’s doing so?

    • Bobloblaw says:

      Liberals using Neil Bush to buttress their failing candidate. From the tone of the liberal posters Perdue getting Bush 41 endorsement really struck a raw nerve. Did you really think Bush’s would endorse a Dem?

      • Dave Bearse says:

        I wasn’t expecting Bush I to endorse Nunn, and I haven’t lost any respect for him in endorsing Perdue.

        I was critical of Bush for not taking out Saddam Hussein in the first Iraq war, but in hindsight it appears he made the right decision. Too bad the apple fell and rolled away from the tree.

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