1. John Konop says:

    If Magic Johnson came in with his group, not only would they have the CASH to run a top level team….it would be a tight run organization that could sign top tier stars…..It would be a big win for the community……We would have very solid ownership, that would foster our economy as well…..

    • View from Brookhaven says:

      Fun Fact: Magic Johnson is giving a speech to a business group in Atlanta tomorrow, so you should find him and ask how he feels.

      Reed also noted in the same PC that Atlanta will unveil a statue for ‘Nique next year.

  2. I think now is the perfect time for a consortium of black Atlanta leaders to put in a bid. You could include guys like ‘Nique, Usher, Outkast and maybe a few people from the business world.

    Atlanta has basically the wealthiest black middle class in America and a growing white middle class (think the younger set) that is very culturaly aligned (do a Facebook or Twitter search about Outkast for people under 35 and you’re just as likely to see white people as black people making the posts).

    If ever there was a franchise you could buy low on, this seems to be it.

    • Baker says:

      I say Nique should do a Kickstarter campaign & add that to his own money and do it that way.

      I’m in for $250. Nique owns the team by himself but it has a Green Bay feel to it.

      Even if Nique went for that, the NBA would never allow it but wow, in a perfect world.

  3. Will Durant says:

    I don’t get it. His grand announcement on the same afternoon that the President is in town is that he, himself, the Mayor is in for a piece of the action on the sale of 50.1% of the basketball team?

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