Morning Reads: 15 September 2014

Boy was it a good weekend for football, and a great weekend to be a Gamecock. Between USC v UGA, Kentucky v Florida, and Notre Dame v Purdue, there were plenty of good games to watch. Here’s what else happened.


Georgia’s Democrats are catching some attention for their voter recruitment.
The case for more charter schools.
That’s a lot of fraud.
Savannah schools, doing more with less.
It’s probably a good idea to keep recess then.


UCF vs. Mizzou, 10-38
Massachusetts vs. Vanderbilt, 31-34
Arkansas vs. Texas Tech, 49-28
Georgia vs. South Carolina, 35-38
UL-Lafayette vs. Ole Miss, 15-56
Mississippi St vs. South Alabama, 35-3
Southern Miss vs. Alabama, 12-52
UL-Monroe vs. LSU, 0-31
Kentucky vs. Florida, 30-36
Tennessee vs. Oklahoma. 10-34
Rice vs. Texas A&M, 10-38


A Bernie Sanders presidential bid?
Film tax credits, loosing popularity.
John Kerry’s trying to find solid commitments against ISIS.
The Scottish independence vote is getting closer, as in it’s this week. Here’s one take on it.
Somalia is a success?

Everything Else

There was a password leak from Gmail. Go check if you are affected.


  1. Harry says:

    California has a worsening drought problem

    Can’t say that I have too much sympathy. See, I remember years and years ago Johnnie Carson sitting in LA making a joke about a Georgia drought – “they can eat dirt.” More recently, the pseudo-intelligentsia of that fine state were yukking it up like a bunch of monkeys about the governor of Georgia having a prayer for rain on the capitol steps, but thing is that shortly thereafter our drought ceased. Now Californians are the ones doing the praying.

      • Harry says:

        Eating dirt and clay is connected to nutritive deficiency. And yes not everyone is a pseudo-sophisticated Atlanta Democrat type.

    • MattMD says:

      This is classic Harry-logic. So some comedian who has been off the air for 20+ years and dead for nearly half that long makes a bad joke and now residents of our largest state, largest economy in the union (8th largest in the world) should suffer? You really don’t strike me as a smart person.

      As for the “praying for rain” thing, droughts are cyclic and eventually end. However, some parts of the state continued in a state of drought well into 2012 so I really don’t know what you are talking about. I doubt you do, either.

  2. Will Durant says:

    Somalia is just as much a success as G.W. Bush’s determination 10 years ago that Iraq was a “catastrophic success”. The man sure had a way with words.

    Eric, I’m normally not part of the grammar patrol on blogs as I have more than my share of fouls. On this site the edit function has been my enemy as much as friend on more than one occasion. But since one of my guilty pleasures involves reading some of the AJC Sports blog comments (hey, at least I don’t watch Springer), the loosing vs losing thing has become a peeve.

  3. Noway says:

    Listening to Herman attempt a British accent talking about the Star Spangled Banner. Please pass me some Excedrin…

  4. xdog says:

    Nevada agrees to ante up more than $1B to land the Tesla battery plant. There’s sales and property tax relief, 5 figure transferable credits per job, other transferable credits, discounted electricity. The state also agreed to buy and extend a vital road. And yes, part of the deal is the right to sell Teslas directly to customers.

    To cover part of the credits Nevada will reduce their existing credits for film and insurance companies.

    The top 11 tax incentive deals in the country listed at the bottom of the article are eye-popping too. I had no idea.

    • benevolus says:

      States are basically operating in a free-market system when competing for business. I guess this is the government version of “lower prices”.

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