1. Joash Thomas says:

    Kind of ironic that she would have President Clinton drop by and not President Obama. She has got to be the one of the phoniest candidates we have seen in a while..

  2. FranInAtlanta says:

    Based on what I’ve seen so far, the Republican Senate Committee will make ads saying Michelle Nunn and Bill Clinton are singing out of the same hymnbook. And while they think that is negative, there are somewhere between 30-50% of Georgians who think not.

  3. Dr. Monica Henson says:

    Bill is assisting Michelle with the cracker vote. And I’m not being ironic.

    I also see nothing wrong with campaigning with a popular ex-prez if campaigning with the sitting prez would hurt you.

  4. Bobloblaw says:

    Bill Clinton has an awful record stumping for other candidates. Starting with his very own wife.

    When Bill Clinton campaigns, it is about Bill Clinton

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