SCar Newspaper Says UGA Playing Trojans On Saturday

Not the ‘Cocks. (FYI: UGA is playing the University of South Carolina, the fake USC, hence the confusion of The Greenville News.)


The blatant disrespect of USCe reminds me of a time when erstwhile GOP gubernatorial hopeful John Oxendine couldn’t remember who UGA was playing. We told the Ox “get the hell off Twitter” at the time. We might say the same thing to the good folks at The Greenville News.

Friendly reminder to fill out your PP Pick ‘Em Picks, too if you haven’t.

Go Panthers/Irish/Dawgs/Eagles (for this weekend, at least).



  1. Lawton Sack says:

    Hail Jackets and Go Southern!!! The game should be close, but I see the Yellow Jackets pulling away in the 4th quarter. The Eagles have less scholarships and it will show. Their offensive line and their legal chop blocking is going to wear down the undermanned defensive line of the Eagles.

    If Southern wins this game, though, it is going to be huge. I think the calls for the ousting of Paul Johnson will escalate and Georgia Southern should get a big boost in recruitment in the state.

    The Eagles get to play the Panthers at Paulson Stadium North (formerly the GA Dome) later this year.

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