NRSC: We’ve Spent Enough on #GASen

The National Republican Senatorial Committee isn’t planning on plowing any further money into David Perdue’s Senate campaign, according to Rob Portman, the NRSC’s Finance Chairman. Portman indicated that the campaign arm would be focusing on other races it thinks are winnable for the remaining six weeks of the campaign. Politico has the details:

“I don’t think any Republican seats are in great danger. I think, in fact, Pat Roberts is doing fine, Mitch McConnell’s doing well in Kentucky … in Georgia we’re doing well, trending in the right direction,” Portman told reporters at a Christian Science Monitor Breakfast on Thursday. “I’m hopeful that we won’t have to expend NRSC resources in those states.”

Portman lumped those three states in with races in West Virginia, South Dakota and Montana as safe Republican states at this point in the election cycle, all states Mitt Romney won in 2012 against President Barack Obama. Polls show close races in Georgia and Kentucky trending toward the GOP, while Kansas appears more in flux due to the sagging Roberts campaign and surging independent candidate Greg Orman.

The NRSC has already invested more than $2 million in Georgia’s Senate race. Brad Dayspring, a spokesperson for the NRSC noted that the NRSC’s Democratic counterpart has spent almost nothing promoting Michelle Nunn.

As election season draws to a close, the NRSC will focus on races in Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, New Hampshire and North Carolina, according to the Politico story.

Recent polling in Georgia has the race between Perdue and Democrat Michelle Nunn neck-and-neck. Does the NRSC know something the polls aren’t telling us, or have they decided there are better, more important opportunities elsewhere?


  1. George Chidi says:

    They’ve decided not to telegraph their strategy, is all. In late October, when their numbers start scaring them, they’ll switch gears. Keep an eye on the reserve. Unless they’ve committed all the dollars they’ve got and are going to get, they’re still flexible.

    • Harry says:

      What change causes you to think in October “their numbers start scaring them”? You think all the war talk will cause the Obama popularity to surge? I doubt it.

  2. Will Durant says:

    Or, people like me are tired of them repeating the same repetitive attack ad repeatedly. I’m astounded that many airings has only cost $2MM.

  3. South Fulton Guy says:

    Likewise one wonders whether the Fulton County GOP and the state party for that matter, is planning on plowing any money or support at all into the campaign of Earl Cooper for Fulton County Commission Chair, whose election would enable the party to “Fix Fulton” instead of the long shot of forming Milton County:

    After the 17% tax increase incumbent Democrat Chairman John Eaves jammed down taxpayer’s throats, I can’t figure out why Republicans are not rallying around a Republican candidate for the commission chair seat who would give them the 4-3 control? What could it be hmm???

  4. FranInAtlanta says:

    Ad they’ve run on ESPN says that Nunn has a good relationship with Obama and will vote with him. Don’t they realize that this is a Dem ad for a number of those who watch ESPN?

    • Ralph says:

      ESPN’s audience is mostly white males which is Perdue’s biggest target audience. Black males already vote 90% Democratic, so it matters little if they are happy that Nunn has a good relationship with Obama.

      You’ve got to wonder how the black turnout will be without Obama on the ticket, and two rich political offspring white kids born with silver spoons in their mouths at the top of the ballot.

        • South Fulton Guy says:

          Better Georgia registered 85,000 this year; I’ve been told election officials allege fraud on 6 not 25 forms. You do the math…

          • Will Durant says:

            I couldn’t do the math because in every interview he was generously giving to every Atlanta tv station he either mumbled through or wasn’t even asked about the numbers. He was quite distinct in throwing out that fraud word though. And I’m sure there was no collusion at all between the Secretary and “Perdue Rapid Response” that posted the WSB story to youtube within 20 minutes of its airing. This was the link given here and in the AJC rather than direct to the WSB site so that the title shows; ‘Group Led By Nunn Ally & Donor Under “Fraud Investigation” ‘

  5. Trey A. says:

    What does this mean for outside money in the governor race?

    In my Atlanta neighborhood, there’s a lot of Carter yard signs and Deal signs, but few Nunns and Perdues. Both races look pretty close. I’m probably extrapolating my own ballot, but anyone else think Carter has a better chance than Nunn?

    • Will Durant says:

      The Governor’s folks are spinning hard but there is still an ethical elephant in the room, so yes, he is more vulnerable. 7+ weeks, debates, and lots of money left to be spent however.

    • SmyrnaModerate says:

      Thats interesting. I was driving through “mansion country” most of the afternoon yesterday. Mostly the residential neighborhoods in north Buckhead and ITP Sandy Springs wedged between 75 and Roswell Rd. Saw 15 yard signs for Michelle Nunn, 2 for Perdue and none for either candidate for Governor. Of course, the yard sign battle is always anecdotal but I was surprised there was so much Nunn signage.

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