Georgia Named “Top State for Doing Business” for the Third Time

The trade magazine Area Development has named Georgia as the top state for doing business in its 2014 survey of site consultants. The Peach State leapfrogged over last years winner, Texas, to take the top honors.

Georgia’s success has come from dead reckoning in areas that are crucial to business locators. That includes the state’s welcoming and business-friendly government, to be sure. And employers are enthusiastic about one of the Georgia legislature’s most recent moves: passing significant workers’ compensation reform that cuts costs for business.

The state also enjoys a strong infrastructure, featuring Hart International, one of the world’s most efficient passenger airports; two deepwater ports; and one of the nation’s most extensive surface-transportation networks. (The consultants ranked Georgia No. 2 for its overall infrastructure and global access.)

No wonder that Georgia has been able to announce a continuing string of business expansions and relocations over the last year. One of the biggest was the plan hatched by Kia to expand its auto-making operations in the state as the Korean automaker increases its share of U.S. car sales. Its Georgia workforce has, in fact, helped the brand move to the top of automotive-quality perceptions among American consumers. In fact, Georgia’s Quick Start has ranked as the leading workforce development program among site consultants polled in the Area Development Top States for Doing Business survey in each of the five years it has been conducted.

The honor is the third to be earned by Georgia in 2014. First was being named the number one place to do business by Site Selection Magazine back in May. Some accused the Deal Administration of paying for the honor, however the recognition by CNBC as the number one place to do business confirmed Georgia’s position.

Needless to say, the Governor’s office was quick to crow about the new honor.

“The fact that these site consultants ranked us No. 1 for cooperative state government and for our leading workforce development programs is a testament to the governor’s leadership and the pro-business environment he has created here in Georgia,” said Georgia Department of Economic Development Commissioner Chris Carr. “These new rankings spotlight our overall economic development package and solidify Georgia’s role as a leader in the global marketplace.”

Georgia’s ranking was based on survey responses in three areas: the business environment, the labor climate and infrastructure / global access.


        • Harry says:

          Why must I explain everything? The black unemployment rate is higher nationwide. Higher percentage of blacks locally = higher overall unemployment percentage locally. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

                • Harry says:

                  As I see it, there’s a combination of reasons and blacks in general are in a vicious cycle in this country. I have sympathy for them.

                  • HueyMahl says:

                    I’m trying to elicit you beliefs Harry. I assume you are referring to the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow Laws, predatory corporate policies allowed by complicit governments, drug laws with disproportionate penalties aimed at minority communities and modern soft racism when you speak of their being a “combination of reasons and blacks in general are in a vicious cycle in this country”, correct?

      • caroline says:

        Sorry. California has way more minorities than GA and a lower unemployment rate. New Mexico, Hawaii and Texas also have more minorities thatn GA and lower unemployment rates.

  1. benevolus says:

    Unemployment is up, wages are down, living costs are going up.
    The state may be great for inanimate businesses who send their profits elsewhere, but it sucks for the actual citizens of the state.

    What is the purpose of state government? Help foreign companies increase profit margins, or make life better for it’s citizens?

      • benevolus says:

        Not sure, but some states’ unemployment is trending down while others are trending up.

        My point is that substituting what should be an interim goal for the real goal does not really work. Just bringing companies to the state does not necessarily add to the benefit of Georgians.

        In other words, our so-called leadership seems to think that whatever is good for corporations is good for… well, I was going to say “the rest of us” but that seems pretty naive in light of Gov. Deal’s very obvious surging personal wealth.

  2. objective says:

    read: GA spends more on corporate welfare (tax breaks) than any other state.
    is Quick Start the program where those on the unemployment roll get to earn job skills by working for companies for free?

  3. At this point, these awards are for Nathan Deal essentially the gubernatorial equivalent of “World’s Greatest Dad” t-shirts and coffee mugs. No one actually believes it.

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