Fulton County Getting Two Sundays of Early Voting

The hubbub over Sunday early voting is going to get louder and louder.

As Jon said, Republicans (and frankly all politicians) need to be concerned with increasing the number of voters. You do that by having citizens buy in to the political process and also by making it as easy as possible to vote.

If this means early voting on a Sunday, fine. Universal ballot delivery, why not? Same-day registration is a no-brainer. Why not be really bold and have compulsory voting? I know the latter is technically undemocratic but honestly, how many people sit out of the electoral system because of an active, democratic choice to do so?


  1. ChuckEaton says:

    ” Why not be really bold and have compulsory voting”

    My guess is this would give a big advantage to whoever was first on the ballot.

    • Ed says:

      I remember in college a professor told me studies found that about 1% of voters just vote for whomever is first. I would imagine that it increases as name ID decreases.

      However, anecdotal evidence suggests when people have to vote they take their civic responsibility much more seriously. I’m sure there’s data that backs that up as well.

      • Ed says:

        What’s my point? Well now more than ever I’m not sure. I guess I’m saying that mandatory voting won’t happen but it probably is an idea worth considering.

      • A lot of states have a drawing for each race to determine who is first that year. I don’t think it makes much of a difference unless it’s a non-partisan/primary race where people don’t know much about the candidates (like judges).

    • joejohns says:

      Elected Republican leaders are being so incredibly stupid in their knee-jerk response to Sunday voting. If larger counties like Fulton and DeKalb will have multiple Sunday voting locations all across the county, WHAT’S THE PROBLEM?

      Local leadership in Cobb, Gwinnett, and other counties should, and I hope will, follow suit. It’s a no brainer. I am almost certain that I will be casting my solid GOP ballot on a Sunday in North Fulton…instead of having to interrupt the flow of the week to vote. And I’m more certain to cast my ballot on a Sunday than on any other day… there’s a less chance something will pop up to keep me from voting.

      If we as a party have to make voting inconvenient out of some sense of an electoral advantage, we’re already in trouble.

      As long as there is coverage across the larger counties, let the local officials do what they deem best for their local communities. That used to be a Republican idea, I thought.

      So a bill to mandate broad coverage in large counties, sure. A bill to kill Sunday voting, really stupid.

      • Ed says:

        “If we as a party have to make voting inconvenient out of some sense of an electoral advantage, we’re already in trouble.”

        Eh. Any party that’s in power does this.

        • joejohns says:

          Of course, traditionally, any party in power at redistricting times get to draw districts to their advantage. But this concept of making voting less convenient for a supposed electoral advantage is a very recent GOP invention employed only by some (not all) GOP states. So, no, any party that’s in power does NOT do this.

          • objective says:

            well, the argument is not just about inconvenience. it’s about the manner of inconvenience, right? isn’t the assumption that low-wage/hourly workers (more likely to vote Dem?) are less able to get time off to vote during a regular work week?

  2. Ralph says:

    Waiting to hear that the Republican strongholds of Cobb, Cherokee, Forsyth, and Gwinnett Counties increase early voting, too. They all have malls and mega churches, too.

  3. Oh my god now that I’ve seen that the EDUCATED voters of Johns Creek will be out in full force on Sunday I’m no longer for sunday voting. We’ve got to do whatever we can to stop it!!!!!!!

  4. Seriously though the Republicans are getting so riled up on this issue that I fully expect Kemp’s omnibus SOS bill next year to include the following reform to early voting – all early voting must be done in police precincts and it is mandatory for election workers to also check outstanding warrants when you sign in.

  5. Ed says:

    Also, how have none of us Bible Belt citizens pointed out the *true* horror… our government suggesting we can labor on the Sabbath!

  6. chartercandidate says:

    I predict three things will happen. First, some legislator from a deeply red district will introduce a bill in the upcoming session to make sure that all counties have the same voting hours for early voting. It will include no Sunday hours even if the counties wish to use their own money to pay for it. The idea being that all counties should have the same hours as the county with the fewest hours in the state – because of ‘fairness’.

    Second, the left will portray this as an attack on minority voting. Of course, it isn’t an attack on minority voting – it’s an attack on voters who are democrats and just happen to be minority. This will be used by the left to attempt to get every black person in the state to the polls in both 2014 and 2016.

    Finally, Gov Deal and/or the SoS will give a speech to a local business group next month saying that the GOP has no problem with minorities and that this move is about the integrity of the vote. Only people who already vote Republican will believe him. The GOP may or may not lose the governor’s office this election, but they will not improve their vote among minorities.

  7. FranInAtlanta says:

    We should encourage all who are eligible to register and vote and should make it relatively easy – voting at least one Saturday and Sunday for 24 hours as well as the given Tuesday. Seems like registration is very easy now.

  8. WeymanCWannamakerJr says:

    Keep griping about Sunday voting along with “Kemp Accuses Rep. Stacey Abrams of Voter Fraud” headlines and the Black vote may exceed 30%.

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