Qualifying Closes for DeKalb Commissioner Race

The candidates for the DeKalb County Commission, First District formerly held by Elaine Boyer are set. They are:

Wendy Butler (R) of Atlanta
Larry Danese (R) of Brookhaven
Nancy Jester (R) of Dunwoody
Tom Owens (R) of Doraville
Holmes E. Pyles (I) of Stone Mountain

It’s interesting that no Democrats qualified for the seat, which will be decided at the November elections.


  1. NoTeabagging says:

    I fail to see any significance of partisan allegiance in regards to Dekalb County Commission seats.
    I do see the humor if a Jester is elected to this clown commission.

  2. Ghost of William F. Buckley says:

    Here is an anecdotal rundown of the field vying for District 1, Dekalb County Commission:

    Ms. Butler seems to have close ties to disgraced and soon-to-be incarcerated Commissioner Elaine Boyer, as evidenced by veteran newsman Dick Williams, here:

    Larry Danese earns this tidbit from politico pal Todd Rehm:

    Andrew Cauthen of The Champion (DeKalb County Legal Organ) doesn’t bloody Nancy Jester too badly here:


    On a roll, Todd Rehm that summarizes the stellar record of Tom Owens:

    Which leaves us with Holmes E. Pyles (I) of Stone Mountain, a true ghost of a person. Who is he? What did he do or not do to essentially be invisible to a cursory search?

    He’ll prolly carry this thing off like that oddball candidate in South Carolina that almost won, without being known to anyone….


    “Anyone who don’t like this life is crazy,” was Manuel Maloof’s claim.

  3. ALL five of the candidates running for DeKalb County Commission District 1 will be attending the Tucker-Smoke Rise Candidate Forum this Thursday, September 18 at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Tucker. Come meet them at the “Meet and Greet” at 6:30 and then stick around for the forum at 7:00 to hear what they have to say. Questions may be submitted for all races in advance by emailing [email protected]. For more information and a full list of participating candidates, visit http://www.tuckercivic.org.

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