Great Morning Reads for the Worst Time of the Year

There’s a chill in the air. That means summer is ending. Science tells us objectively that summer is the best time of year; thus anything bringing it to an end is the worst time of year. #knowledge.

Dwight Yoakam “Try Not to Look So Pretty.”

  1. ICYMI: FLOTUS, Education Secretary Arne Duncan in Atlanta on Monday.
  2. Duncan likes the new direction for APS. 
  3. Atlanta’s former Mayor Shirley Franklin makes a good point. 
  4. Apropos of nothing but… I think overall she did a good job as mayor and the history books will remember her (inasmuch as they remember Atlanta mayors) fondly.
  5. Attack ad against Nunn shows a change in GOP strategy on immigration.
  6. I know not to draw conclusions on specific events from general observations but… Stu Rothenberg is predicting a GOP “wave” in the Senate. That sounds ominous for Nunn. 
  7. This Atlanta Hawks saga is becoming just painful.
  8. Loul Deng has “a lot” of African in him. Wayne Embry, Brian Duffy give support to Ferry. 
  9. Augusta is 12th-best city for Hispanic entrepreneurs.
  10. VSUers not happy with Ben Carson coming to campus. 
  11. Medicaid expansion could insure 50,000 Georgians on the Coastal Empire. 
  12. Truett Cathy obits from The AJC, Wall Street Journal and The New York Times
  13. Atlanta area police departments generally reflect their communities racial makeup.
  14. UPS gets harshest criticism from Feds over fatal plane crash.
  15. Delta lawsuit will help customers. 
  16. A majority of Coca-Cola shareholders might not approve of the company’s increase in pay for top execs.
  17. ICE dropping a cool $350 mil to buy SuperDerivatives. 
  18. Dennis O’Hayer talks to both sides in the ASO drama. 
  19. This has been a year of some serious boxing upsets but Saturday’s Mayweather v. Maidana has me feeling… meh.


  1. Ed says:

    Well there’s damger in doing these the night before. Floyd said he’ll retire when his six-fight deal is up whuch will be in September 2015. Two thoughts… there are no negotiations with Manny going on so that fight is 10000% not happening and it should hang over him more but the writers love Floyd. Let’s be honest he’s going to be 49-0. He’ll fight once more to be 50-0.

    And everyone will miss him when he’s gone. Who iwll be left to electrify boxing? Gennady golovkin? He hasn’t shown any ability to do so here. Mayne there’s a hotshot coming up the ranks but us boxing is very thin at the moment. The Europeans don’t really do it except the brits in Britain. Scary to think floyd could be the biggest nail in boxing’s coffin.

  2. CountPetofi says:

    Boxing has been dead for years. I never thought the MMA/Ultimate fighting crap would ever take hold. Boy, was I wrong. Bring back Tommy Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard.

    • Ed says:

      In the States maybe but boxing is still strong in Latin America and the Philippines. You look at Europe where they can’t build gyms fast enough and 60,000 people turn out for fights regularly and then Japan and China have stables that are about as good as any… worldwide boxing’s never been better and for the sport at large that’s a good thing.

      But for the U.S…. not so much. We need a world-class heavyweight to reignite the sport here. Plus better fights on TV. And more gyms.

  3. Jon Lester says:

    To protest an individual’s visit to a campus for a ticketed event is to advertise one’s own immaturity. Surely there are far more extreme views than Dr. Carson’s among VSU faculty.

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