Why I’m Not Voting Straight (R) in November

Last week I received a call on behalf of a Republican campaign asking if I was supporting [X candidate]. When I said, no, it got a little …tense. I keep telling people my ballot will be a colorful amalgamation of decisions. Some Red, some 3rd party and a few skips, but never any Blue. Naturally this upset said representative who told me that I can’t always get what I want and taking my ball and going home is wrong. Oh, and, I’m wasting my vote. A wonderful example of voter outreach and engagement.

Let me tell you why this isn’t working, especially with millennials. You see, Democrats are out in the community telling people what they will do for the community, the state, the country, and we’re over here doing the ‘NO WAY Macarena ‘on the Highway to Hell. Our talking points are:

  • ‘Jason Carter is bad for Georgia’
  • ‘Michelle Nunn has ties to Obama’
  • And my personal favorite, ‘John Barrow used tax dollars to pay for his campaign Facebook page’.

No kidding. They’re liberals. OF COURSE these rhetoric lines are applicable. This shouldn’t be surprising information to anyone. But those aren’t convincing reasons to go vote. Those are just reasons to not do anything on Election Day because Republicans aren’t saying why their candidate is ‘the best’. It seems like all we’ve seen lately are hit pieces on consultants that aren’t on the payroll and a push for Senate Majority. We get it. Those are valid points but we need more substance.  We may not agree with the fact that Democrats are out talking about what voters will get out of voting (D) but at least they’re offering something tangible. We have things to offer too, like limited government, lower taxes and economic freedom.

Also, this “straight slate” thing isn’t working for a lot of people. No Republican can honestly tell me that Perdue and Deal (and everyone from CD-1 to Insurance Commissioner) is exactly the same ‘type’ of Republican and believes all of the same things and therefore, they all deserve the exact same support.
There’s a reason that every restaurant doesn’t have a price fix menu. People like choices. Choose an entrée and then the sides you like based on flavor and calories. Even Panera Bread gives you the option of chips, fruit, or bread.

Right now, it doesn’t matter who I’m not voting for in November. What matters is the ‘why’.  With less than 60 days to go, the GOP has got to offer some answers, some hardline reasons.  The reality is this: On a national level, Republicans have hurt many people too, especially in the eyes of the skeptical millennials and Independents – you know, those folks you’ll need should there be a runoff, and definitely by 2016. And the non-politico types don’t always separate federal and state-level folks (hence the reason we are, rightfully, hammering Obama/Pelosi/Reid ties). People have been burned. It’s no longer acceptable to say ‘If you’re not with us, you’re against us’. Tell me why. Show me why. Give me tangible evidence. Talk about policy. Stop using tag lines. Paint me a beautiful picture flowing with Liberty. Otherwise, I will have no choice but to paint my colorful amalgamation on my ballot on Election Day.

And if not accepting the one-size-fits-all slate makes me ‘not Republican enough’, then so be it. There’s a laundry list of people behind me thinking the exact same thing.  But that will directly contradict the GOP talking head slogan of ‘We have to side with the folks that agree with 70% of the time and not focus on the 30%’.


      • NoTeabagging says:

        “Whatever their for, I’m against it”. That’s the basic MO of Political parties working these days. One party does get more publicity for this behavior.

      • seenbetrdayz says:

        Sometimes ‘no’ is a very convincing argument. Wish more Germans had said ‘no’ to their government in the first half of the 20th century. But it wasn’t cool to say ‘no’ to their government. It was ridiculed. They would have been called obstructionists, or rabble-rousers, or ‘whiny’ or something.

        Luckily that never happens in this country. Am I right? America bless god!

  1. NoTeabagging says:

    First. I am surprised you received a live campaign call. Usually it’s prerecorded robocalls that don’t give you a callback number . Basically parties and candidates don’t want direct contact with voters.
    Second, I thought I was the only independent voter expressing similar views here. Thanks for the column.

    • Jessica S. says:

      It wasn’t like I was on a call list.
      Someone from the campaign sought me out personally because I had been posting things they didn’t like. heh.

      • NoTeabagging says:

        Funny. Don’t they realize both parties are the subject of countless jokes, jabs, and mean memes in social media? That’s where many people get their opinions (and political laughs) these days.

  2. Ralph says:

    Totally agree with this column – except why did you answer the phone, much less engage with a campaign worker if your caller ID wasn’t clear? Almost time to take the landline phones off the hook until after the election, but in the meantime ignore or hang up on these obnoxious, unsolicited intrusions.

  3. Noway says:

    “Democrats are out in the community telling people what they will do for the community, the state, the country”
    It’s easy as hell to buy votes. That’s right, Jess, Santy Claus!
    I’d give me left, um, arm, to hear a candidate get up on the stump and tell voters the era of big government truly is over and that massive spending cuts will follow if he is elected. The truth is this, we are not the richest country on the planet, we’re the broke-est. We borrow upwards of 1 trillion a year, sometimes more, to keep up the charade. The democracy experiment has failed. Most people vote now out of self interest and gov’t goodies. We’re done.

      • Noway says:

        2013 – $901 billion budget deficit (projected)
        2012 – $1.1 trillion budget deficit
        2011 – $1.3 trillion budget deficit
        2010 – $1.3 trillion budget deficit
        2009 – $1.4 trillion budget deficit

        Hey David, Congressional Budget Office stats. But as long as your cited stats show only half a trillion deficit, I’ll now sleep just fine! (eye roll…)

        • Will Durant says:

          Well, at least the projected deficit could be improved if you would quit insisting that we continue our religious crusade against a quarter of the world’s population.

            • Will Durant says:

              As heinous as the beheading of two journalists is to behold they are nothing new in the course of human history (read one of Stefan’s links from yesterday). No matter how many “Remember the Maine!” campaigns you see on Fox, what is happening there is a conflict that has gone on for centuries and our intervention will only serve to further help the stockholders of Lockheed, Boeing, General Dynamics, etc. Don’t worry you will get what you want announced tonight, but I will make this bold prediction now. Whatever the President does it will not be enough for the Republicans and this is one of the reasons that I will not be voting a straight ticket in November as well.

              • Noway says:

                You’re right that the struggles in that part of the world have been around for thousands of years. 100% correct. The radical groups we’re conflicted with have a stated goal of basically wiping the Western Way of Life (My phrase but I believe accurate as to their goal). They also have no problem sacrificing their own people and family members to do so. They have stated that they genuinely want to wipe another nation off the map. And they cowardly attack innocents, blow airplanes out of the skies, throw old men overboard of ocean liners, kill US personnel on planes and dump the body of the tarmac, brutally murder a US Ambassador and sodomize his corpse. These people are animals, but I worry that I insult animals when I use that term. They are sub-humans who will continue to do us harm whether over there or over here. There is no sign they will stop. If it’s a vote to stop their attacks on us or let them continue unabated, I vote for us.

                • Noway says:

                  And I, too, vote for the man, not the party. I agree with you there. If Sam-the father-Nunn were running I’d vote for him in a second. I’m old enough to know he did a good job for us.

                • seenbetrdayz says:

                  Hitler and Tojo were much more heinous than ISIS; they would eat ISIS’s breakfast and then beat them up for lunch money, and yet we beat the **** out of the Japs and Nazis in a mere 4 years.

                  Of course, that was so last century. Do you ever get the impression that today’s wars aren’t started with the intent to win, but rather to keep them going indefinitely to benefit the entities that Will mentioned above? I’ve slowly come to that conclusion, speaking as someone who was all in favor of going after Saddam in 2003, and now wonders if getting rid of him helped pave the way for ISIS. It’s just one bad guy after the next.

                  It seems to me it would be much easier to tell American travelers (including journalists) to simply stay out of the M.E. until ISIS gets bored and starts chopping off heads of fellow Arabs, and they settle the issue themselves in their own backyard. At least the monster to rise up after ISIS (and there will be another group to crop up after ISIS, that’s just the nature of the middle east) won’t be one we Americans created the void for.

  4. Jon Lester says:

    There is no such thing as wasting a vote, and to suggest otherwise is to denigrate the fundamental right to protest. Among other reasons why I’m voting for every available Libertarian, Georgia Democrats deserve to fail for running legacy candidates on name recognition alone, when there were other and better choices in the primary (at least in the Senate race), and while I expect Deal and Perdue to win the runoffs I’ll help force, I don’t feel they’ve really earned my endorsement in November.

  5. sogabuzz says:

    Problem is that my politician will soon be co-opted by their party and if it is Carter or Nunn then that is the socialist party. The rhetoric is meaningless.

  6. Bobloblaw says:

    “”You see, Democrats are out in the community telling people what they will do for the community, the state, the country””

    If Nunn is doing this no one has noticed

  7. seenbetrdayz says:

    I used to try to think of a polite way to tell them I don’t plan on donating to the GA GOP and prefer to donate to candidates individually, but now I just usually try to hang up before they can counter-offer a lower fundraising amount.

    “Would you be able to help out with a generous donation of $100, $200, or $500? No? Okay how about a lesser amount of—” *click*

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