Two GA Universities Make Top 20 In Public College Rankings

U.S. News and World Report has announced its 2015 College Rankings of nearly 1,800 schools and Georgia Tech (#7) and UGA (#20) made the list of the top 20 for public colleges.  When both private and public schools were considered together, Emory came in at #21 overall in the nation, GA Tech was #35, and UGA was #62.

For those football fanatics, not only did the ACC beat the SEC in the final BCS Football Championship game, they also came out ahead in the top 20 rankings:

  • The ACC had five schools in the top 20 in public universities:  UVA – #2, UNC – #5, GA Tech – #7, Clemson – #20, and Pitt – #20.  Duke, a private school, came in #8 overall.
  • The SEC had two schools in the top 20 in public universities:  Florida – #14, #UGA #20.  The private Vanderbilt University came in #16 overall.

According to the U.S. News website,  each school is “ranked on up to 16 measures of academic excellence, including graduation rates, selectivity and freshmen retention.”  A complete breakdown of their methodology can be found here.


    • Ed says:

      Good catch.

      But everyone knows the rankings of the Universe’s Best Institutes of Higher Education go:

      1) Georgia State University
      Way down the list
      2) All the others.

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