Jason Carter Reaps What He Sows

And what he sows are some of those magic political seeds that turn good news into bad news for an opponent. It’s not always honest and though it’s also nothing new, Carter should know better. In fact, if he can read, he did know better.

Here’s Jason’s latest campaign commercial, in which he decries the fact that “we had 45,000 people leave our technical schools… and they haven’t come back.” (Pay attention at the 8-second mark.)

Well, they’re not supposed to come back! They’re supposed to leave our technical schools and get jobs. And according to a letter Jason Carter was sent in May, that’s exactly what happened.

Now, regarding the enrollment decline specifically, we believe tl1at the single most important factor influencing TCSG college enrollment since 2010 is an improving state and national economy. In Georgia and a majority of other states, history shows that attendance at technical and community colleges is a reflection of the economy, with student enrollment increasing sharply in bad economic times then slowing and heading back down to pre-recession levels when companies resume their spending and hiring.

Between 2008 and 2010, at the height of the Great Recession, TCSG added almost 45,000 students, eventually peaking at an all-time high of 197,059 students. Last year, with the recession passing and the job market improving, the TCSG colleges enrolled 151,150 students, which is closer to our pre-recession numbers. This enrollment trend is not unique to Georgia; it seems to coincide with a national trend among technical and community colleges.”  (link goes to pdf of the original)

That’s from a letter sent to Jason Carter in May, from Ron Jackson, Commissioner of the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG), the state agency that administers the 23 state technical colleges.

So 45,000 fewer students in tech schools is a good thing, not a bad thing. Either he’s being fundamentally dishonest, or Jason Carter should learn to read for context -and send Governor Deal a thank-you note.



  1. NoTeabagging says:

    Oh those wacky campaigns. Too busy looking for the negative to remember the positive.

    What happened to the concept that Technical colleges were good because…well, we can’t all be astronauts?

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