Even When Reed is Supporting Carter He’s Dissing Him

Monday’s AJC had a good write-up on how Jason Carter is kinda sorta, but not really getting help from Mayor Reed in Carter’s battle against Gov. Deal. Kasim found a way to dig in to Carter when discussing the upcoming fundraiser.

“I’m getting ready to do more for Jason Carter than he ever did for me,” Reed was quoted telling WXIA.

And in case you weren’t entirely clear about how much “support” Reed is giving Carter, the mayor’s spokesperson said a fundraiser “doesn’t equal an endorsement.”

Who would have ever thought we’d be saying that Atlanta might be better off with a Republican Governor than a Democratic one?

If you want more insight into this relationship, be sure to check out what the new, young hotshot political analyst on the scene has to say. 



      • David C says:

        Why Kasim Reed thinks hitching his political fate to a crooked Governor who isn’t particularly well-liked even among his own party is his path to statewide office, I don’t follow. The more he bashes his own while kissing up to the right has me thinking he’ll be Artur Davis Part II.

        He isn’t actually building the kind of popularity and bridges outside of the city that could get him elected statewide anyway, and his biggest news breakthroughs were a new Falcons stadium deal no one particularly likes or thinks is needed and the Snowjam disaster. If he thinks he can actually win statewide at the top of a ticket, he’s sorely deluded. As it is he just has horrible political instincts.

        • Bobloblaw says:

          Why??? Easy. Win in 2018, win in 2022 and run for Prez in 2024. Jason Carter messes that up and pushes everything back to 2032.

  1. Harry says:

    Could it be Kasim says and does what he thinks with no other agenda? In any case, it may be better for his career if one takes the long view.

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