Whither Kasim Reed?

In the left over from Friday night’s news department, there’s this item from 11 Alive’s Doug “No Relation” Richards concerning hizzoner, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed:

“After my term as Mayor ends, I will have been in office at 19 years. So what you’ll probably see me do is to return to the practice of law, and probably take some time and do some writing,” Reed said in an interview with 11Alive News. Reed was a state senator when he was elected mayor in 2009. He gave up his law practice when he became mayor.

“I plan on going to the private sector in January 2018. That’s what (wife) Sarah Elizabeth and I have talked about,” Reed said.

The Conventional Wisdom had Mayor Reed running for Governor in 2018, after second-term Governor Nathan Deal would be term limited out. Should Jason Carter end up winning in November instead, 2022 would indeed be the next opportunity for Democrat Reed to have a chance to live on West Paces Ferry Road.

Unless 2020 and the opportunity to run against Senator David Perdue beckoned first.



  1. Baker says:

    I just have a hard time seeing how he wins statewide office…

    Is the best chance for a Democrat to win Gov or Sen really going to be someone who’s whole base is in Atlanta? And I don’t mean the 5 mill metro…I mean the 600K Atlanta city limits.

    Maybe, but I think Kasim’s best political future lies in winning John Lewis’ seat eventually. Dont know if he would have to move or not.

    • Jon Lester says:

      Last time I felt any enthusiasm for a Democratic gubernatorial candidate was when Thurbert Baker ran in the 2010 primary, and I still don’t believe the Genarlow Wilson case was enough of a factor for Roy Barnes to win that one.

  2. Harry says:

    Many GOPers would consider voting for Reed. We like his leadership style. However, Reed does have a few problems on the black Democratic side. Maybe he’s not “progressive” enough for some.

    • Baker says:

      Harry: Unless you are a different Harry that has been comment around here for a while, there is no way you would vote for Kasim Reed. Trust me.

      Maybe you don’t live in Atlanta and haven’t really been following closely. His vaunted “leadership style” eventually really just turns out to be whining that he doesn’t always get his way. Ask City Councilwoman Felicia Moore or any non-Nod Squad members.

      Any problems he would have on the “black Democratic” side wouldn’t be because he’s not progressive enough. Your average black Dem voter is not a hardcore prog (they’re actually a “conservative group”) (some consultant tell me I’m wrong?), they just think Repubs are racist…and too many Repubs just yell “thats stupid” and think that will somehow convince them Repubs aren’t racist.

    • gcp says:

      A few reasons why I would not vote for Reed. (And I am an independent):

      1. Millions wasted on a trolley folly
      2. Unauthorized vacation payouts to top city officials
      3. 50% raise to city council
      4. Continued billing problems in water/sewer dept
      5. Bonuses/raises to water dept bosses
      6. Hundreds of thousands in stolen equipment in water dept
      7. Millions in missing equipment from other depts
      6. Stays silent on crime in Atlanta
      7. Campaign contributions from airport vendors

    • Harry says:

      OK guys, I submit to your more informed knowledge. I know little of Reed other than he seems a nice guy who sometimes seeks consensus from the GOP caucus.

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