Is Michelle Nunn the Wonderbread Candidate?

As one of Peach Pundit’s more left-leaning front page posters, Ed has been issuing warnings for a while now that Georgia Senate candidate Michelle Nunn is not being liberal enough in stating what she really believes. In a recent post, Ed said,

Last week, Senator Johnny Isakson said Nunn is going to have to start taking a stance on issues. Sen. Carter, to his credit, has been vocal about his policies and views. I’ve also said Nunn is going to have to start saying who she is and what she believes. If myself, Sen. Isakson and Cong. Lewis believe something, it must be true.

We can now add a fourth voice to those who think Nunn may be a bit too wishy-washy, even for a state where John Barrow can consistently win as the last white Democratic congressman from the South.

That voice would be University of Georgia student John Henry Thompson, writing about Southern Democrats in The Arch Conservative. Here’s a sample:

Nunn represents the most striking example to date of the worst genre of American politico — the Lame Southern Democrat. These clowns of the Sunbelt are united by a platform of insipid boilerplate and characterized by goofy faux-wonkishness. Joining Nunn in this category are the eminently forgettable Jason Carter (whose grandfather all but founded this ignominious brotherhood) and South Carolina’s least favorite trial lawyer man-child, Vincent Sheheen.

Why are Southern Democrats so darn lame? I’m not sure, but I think it has to do with a belief that to win in the South, a Democratic candidate — particularly a statewide candidate — must closely resemble a white bread and bologna sandwich, sans crust.

Michelle Nunn hopes to peel off moderate right-leaning independents and women in her bid to win the Senate seat held by Saxby Chambliss. She is certainly positioning herself in the mold of her famous father. Is she really as wishy-washy as the Arch Conservative suggests, or is she simply hiding her true beliefs, as Ed implies?

And, will it make any diifference if liberal Democrats sit at home on election day because they don’t see Nunn as being outspoken enough for their taste?


  1. blakeage80 says:

    To imply that Nunn is a bologna sandwich is one thing, but saying that sandwich is without crust takes it too far.

  2. Robbie says:

    While both Carter and Nunn have my full support (because they’re still better than the alternatives), I long for the day when a southern, democratic candidate doesn’t feel like they have to appease the right-leaning moderates who probably aren’t going to vote for them anyway. (Not to mention, of course, the absurdity of the GOP attack ads calling Carter and Nunn liberals is almost too much to handle…)

  3. Bobloblaw says:

    Hiding her beliefs. She will be wishy washy as long as possible, but if her voted is needed for say as the 60th vote for the public option, she’ll be there and vote YES. Otherwise she’ll be wishy washy as long as possible. The greatest favor Obamacare did was destroy the myth of the conservative Democrat. Especially the prolife conservative Democrat. Mark Warner, Kay Hagen, David Pryor and Mary Landreau. When their voted was needed for far left legislation, they came through. Even conservative prolfe Bart Stupak sold out his beliefs and constituents and voted for abortions in Obamacare.

  4. Bill Arp says:

    Why doesn’t every Republican understand that Sam Nunn, while a Democrat, did a dang good job as a senator while Sonny Perdue was and always will be the worst Governor Georgia has ever seen. It’s not that Michelle Nunn is a wonderful pedigree but rather everyone is afraid of another Perdue. Michelle Nunn could get elected and become a vegetable for 6 years an she would be considered by all a much better statesman than any Perdue….

    • Gonzo ATL Guy says:

      Wow. What an assumption. Sam Nunn brought us “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” I still cringe thinking of him bragging that we needed this policy to protect kids in the military, and so that parents back home wouldn’t have to worry, To many of us, celebrating Sam Nunn is the same as gloating about how great George Wallace was without mentioning the whole racist thing. Why Sam Nunn gets a pass is beyond me. His daughter is an apple that seems to not have fallen far from the tree. It’s 2014, yet she lacks to courage to speak out positively on gay issues. I’m not sure what that really means, as she is afraid to speak out on any issues, but given the one thing she seems to be banking on is the family name, one must assume she is just as bigoted and misinformed as was her father.

      Stating Michelle Nunn has a “wonderful pedigree” is the same as saying David Duke’s children have a wonderful pedigree, except David Duke’s bigotry did not become official government policy. Unless she definitely speaks out, we must assume she agrees with her father. Heck, at least with Perdue we know where he stands, even if it is on the wrong side of the issue.

      We should be very afraid of another Sam Nunn.

  5. objective says:

    is this meant to imply that the median GA voter(s) eat white bread & bologna sandwiches?
    that sounds to me.
    smells like it too.
    my vision of the GA middle is some pulled pork Q on a burger bun.

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