Holly LeBerge “Terminated For Cause”

The State Campaign Finance & Transparency Commission – a/k/a “The State Ethics Commission” – is without a leader.  Holly LeBerge has been terminated for cause.

While many of us would love to say this closes the book on the disgrace that is the Ethics Commission, we instead know that this is just another chapter.  LeBerge has already claimed whistleblower status.  Expect the lawyers on all sides to stay busy, and the headlines to keep coming.


  1. blakeage80 says:

    Oh Lord. I guess this means we’ll stay at the top of the NYT most corrupt states list for next year.

  2. David C says:

    This perpetual wilful blindness that says the problem is the ethics commission and not the crooked politicians who appoint its members and pressure them into coverups so they can beat the wrap reminds me of those on the far left who insisted the problem with Communism was that it wasn’t really tried. It’s really quite astounding that someone might actually believe that firing LaBerge might “[close] the book on the disgrace that is the Ethics Commission” as though she’s the problem here, and not the symptom.

    • Baker says:

      I’ve gotta go with Dave here…

      I’ll end up pulling the lever for Rs in November but the degree to which Republicans in Georgia have overlooked a whole swath of corruption/transparency/cover-up issues from our side in the Legislative and Executive branch is disappointing and ultimately just makes implementing conservative policies that much more difficult and speeds the time which, inevitably, voters will look for a change.

      I welcome someone to convince me otherwise and tell me I’ve just been brainwashed by a sea of Better Georgia emails…

      • Harry says:

        The GOP should immediately show leadership and propose to reform the executive and legislative top-down subterfuge and lack of transparency, or their goose is cooked. People are fed up.

  3. MikeS says:

    At what point will more people start talking? I am sure the last round in this drama has not been played.

    Personally, I think the attempt to replace Democrat hacks with Republican hacks was poorly done, but not necessarily criminal. It could have been done with class rather than the way it was done.

    • David C says:

      Actually, they replaced Republican non-hacks with Republican hacks. Read Streicker’s testimony from the trial. She’s as Republican as they come–just not enough of a “team player”for the governor.

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