Peach Pundit Radio – WGST Redux

For those of you (surely there’s at least one of you) that missed Mike Hassinger and myself on Rich Sullivan’s show Friday, you have another chance to listen today at noon.  That would be before the Falcons 1pm kickoff if you’re into maximizing your time efficiently.  You can hear us at 640 on the AM dial or just listen live here.

Topics as I recall included a bit about Mike and my backgrounds, this piece on Tesla and Uber, Elaine Boyer’s issues, and a few other topics of the day.


    • Will Durant says:

      Love the graphic from the real Will.

      Just listened to the re-broadcast and my only negative is that 1 hour wasn’t enough. Tell WGST it was reminiscent of the good ol’ days when they had Forrest Sawyer on there giving the most intelligent radio interviews Atlanta has ever seen. Get them to expand it and perhaps add Mr. Chidi for some opportunity for a more lively debate.

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