Morning Reads for Friday, September 5, 2014

RIP Joan Rivers. Whether you loved her or hated her, she was a trailblazer for female comedians.

The ATL gets a nod for tech industry job growth.
– That gum on Michelle Nunn’s shoe? It’s Harry Reid.
– Bought anything at Home Depot lately? Sorry.
Tesla is fighting back.
– Another cheating scandal… this time in the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Department.

– The real “Cooler King,” the last of The Great Escape tunnelers, has passed away in England.
That Delta ramp worker was a what?
The Ministry of Truth.
– What made you think they wouldn’t shoot at your Welcome Wagon?
Military exo-skelton in the works. What’s next? Imperial Walkers?

Random Everywhere:
Big Brother.
– How Apple gets into your head… and your wallet.
– Why Joni Mitchell is always so cranky.
– What the movies can tell us about the Two Americas…or something.



  1. Harry says:

    New Book Claims Top CIA Officer In Benghazi Told Commandos To ‘Stand Down’ During Attack

    The question is, who told them to stand down and where did the order originate in the chain of command. This smells like an administration coverup of something much bigger and maybe just maybe the senate committee Democrats were in on the coverup. Many of us conspiracy nuts have suspected as much from the beginning. Let’s get these operatives and their chief in front of a House committee and find out who’s telling the truth. Why was the order to stand down given, and why the coverup?

    • xdog says:

      Yes, another investigation would hit the spot. gopers could schedule it right after their next vote to repeal ACA.

      “President Obama and his henchmen murdered those people at Benghazi, or if they didn’t murder them they are nonetheless complicit in their murders because they mentioned a video among the reasons they were killed, which was part of a cover-up to hide the fact that they murdered those people at Benghazi, or if they didn’t murder them are nonetheless complicit etc.”

      Perfect circle. Perfect jerks.

  2. saltycracker says:

    CBS 46 and the Outlet Shoppes of Atlanta (I-575 Woodstock) are hosting a casting call for the TV show “The Survivor” (outwit, outplay, outlast) this Saturday 10am-4pm.

    Charlie will announce the bus pickup location for his Peach Pundit tribe shortly.
    Who would they vote out first ?

  3. Spacey G says:

    What a passive-aggressive cliche about Joan Rivers. I mean, why bother if that’s all you’ve got? She was a trailblazer for comedians. Of any gender.

  4. Three Jack says:

    Is this the way of future campaigns? – – Greg Orman, Independent candidate for US Senate from Kansas. The dem nominee dropped out earlier this week at the behest of Senator Clair McCaskill (MO) and other dems thus creating a two man race between Orman and lifelong DC resident Pat Roberts (KS, or at least that’s where he gets his votes). With the dem out of the race, Orman has a 10 point lead over the 6 time incumbent who apparently doesn’t own a residence in the state where he claims to be a resident.

    This race could easily decide which party leads the senate starting next year. If GA goes for Nunn, the balance of power might be determined by an independent like Orman. Worth following this guy.

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