Holly LaBerge Placed on Administrative Leave

Holly LaBerge is on administrative leave with pay, the Associated Press reports:

Commission Chairwoman Hillary Stringfellow tells The Associated Press she notified the agency’s director, Holly LaBerge, on Friday that she had been placed on administrative leave. Stringfellow would only say the action followed the advice of counsel.

On Wednesday, Fulton County Superior Judge Ural Glanville fined the office of Attorney General Sam Olens and ethics chair Holly LaBerge $10,000 each for failing to provide evidence to former ethics director Stacey Kalberman for her recent lawsuit against the state.


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    I commented in an earlier post I thought a state Executive Director job would be opening up soon.

    I think the administrative leave decision better made by the Board as a whole instead of unilaterally by the Chairman.

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