GOP File FEC Complaint Against Democratic Nominee in Georgia’s 1st CD

Sometimes political parties file specious FEC Complaints against the members of the opposition party. They generally take some out of context description or event and then act like the entire operation is more corrupt than the referees during a Kentucky home game. This is not one of those times.

Timothy Waters alleges that Brian Reese, the Democratic Nominee for Congress in Georgia’s 1st Congressional District, has filled out his FEC forms entirely incorrectly. He isn’t even suggesting that there’s any corruption or malfeasance, just run of the mill incompetence. And sadly, he’s right.

Here’s the complaint, almost in its entirety:

“Committee to Elect Brian Reese for Congress, continues to violate campaign finance laws by failing to disclose the name, address, occupation, and employer of donors who contribute more than $200 aggregate (2 U.S.C. 432(c)-(d)). Instead of providing legitimate donor data, the Committee is categorizing all receipts and disbursements under Committee to Elect Brian Reese for Congress. In the interest of transparency and compliance with the standard practices and requirements of the Federal Election Commission, I hope you will rectify this matter with the candidate and his committee in a timely manner.”

But even though they are totally correct in their charge, the campaign has actually disclosed the donors (see below). They’ve just put the information in entirely the wrong area (the description box in the lower right corner.) So maybe it is a bit specious, as the name disclosure has been done, but it gives insight into the life of a candidate representing a party that doesn’t have a chance to win. The 1st is Jack Kingston’s district and he won it over and over with around 70% of the vote. This isn’t a contest and hats off to Brian Reese for tilting at this windmill coal-fired power plant because there’s no chance to win. He should probably still fill out his forms correctly.

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