Dan Becker is “Persona Non Grata”

From ZPolitics:

Personhood USA, a nationally respected pro-life organization, announced yesterday in an email to supporters that they were calling off their relationship with Dan Becker’s organization, the National Personhood Alliance (NPA).

Becker initially gained support from Personhood USA by suggesting that the two groups work alongside one another as counterparts. Things apparently fell apart from there.

According to the email, Becker’s group proved to be a “divisive, confusing organization meant to compete with Personhood USA”, and is accused of plagiarizing Personhood USA’s branding, logo, and other intellectual property.

Frequent readers will remember Mr. Becker from these previous posts on laying on of hands, name calling, legislative shell-games, moral vacancy, and obsessive behavior.

Discussion point: When will Georgia pro-lifers see the light?


  1. Harry says:

    For myself who is pro-life, only exception being life of the mother, what local organization should I support? I’m afraid I’m out of the loop on the current status but would like to know your thoughts.

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