Two Georgia Congressmen Slam Obama Foreign Policy

Criticism of President Obama’s foreign policy – in light of Tuesday’s video showing the apparent beheading of another American journalist – has reached bipartisan levels in Georgia.

Both U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-3) and David Scott (D-13) slammed the president on Newsradio 106.7.

“Our foreign policy is non-existent,” Westmoreland said. “The world knows that and our foes and allies really don’t know what, if anything, that President Obama is going to do.”

Scott had harsh criticism for his party’s presidential administration.

“The president is behind the eight-ball on this issue,” he said. “I’ve been urging the president to act. I want him to act. I have asked him to act, months ago.”

The Islamic terrorist group ISIS released a video Tuesday that shows the apparent beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff.


  1. notsplost says:

    So, considering that in foreign policy terms the Obama administration has essentially been an extension of the Bush presidency (or perhaps the Clinton one), I wonder what exactly these two paper tigers would do differently.

    Other than show a bit of restraint in Syria last year, the President has not really done anything policy wise different than the past 50 years – bombing the rabble into the stone age, creating failed states and generally wreaking imperialistic havoc on the globe to the benefit of the war hawkers in private industry.

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