1. Rambler14 says:

    How can Georgia be “on the move” if we are 49th in per capita infrastructure spending?

    Georgia is Stuck
    Georgia is Not Moving
    Georgia is Falling Behind

  2. xdog says:

    I’ll ignore comments on the obvious pun of #1 versus #2.

    The ad informs me that kindly old Gramps Nathan is out there working to take care of me and my future, a message that could persuade some voters to swing to Deal.

    But look! isn’t that a Caterpillar plant they’re touring?

    Deal heads a long line cuddling up to Caterpillar. Oconee and Clarke pols love them for the same reasons. Deal certainly gets a lot of deserved credit in the effort to get them to build in Bogart. Cat is a big employer, they hire locals and support their people, they work with high schools and Athens Tech for training. Damned good corporate citizens.

    The woman strolling with Deal is either an actress, a Cat employee, a donor, a staffer, or Deal’s next appointee.

  3. analogkid says:

    Pretty good ad actually. Couple initial thoughts: (1) Talking about wanting to see your grandchildren sort of highlights the age difference between the Guv and Carter, but it’s hard to say whether that will hurt than it helps. (2) Nice to see Deal smile for once toward the end, although he still looks a bit menacing.

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