NRCC hits John Barrow for supporting the Obama stimulus bill, and something about monkeys doing blow

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has dropped a new ad in GA-12 in which the House GOP campaign arm mocks Rep. John Barrow’s (D-GA) claim that he’s “passed $100 billion in spending cuts.” The NRCC knocks Barrow, who is running for his sixth term, for voting to support the 2009 stimulus bill, using a couple egregious examples of wasteful spending that were funded by the $831 billion measure.

“John Barrow has voted to spend millions creating jobs in China, millions on chairlifts in Vermont and hundreds of thousands testing cocaine on monkeys. In what twilight zone does job creation in China and cocaine monkeys help Georgia families?” NRCC spokeswoman Katie Prill said in an email. “Barrow can’t be serious if he thinks Georgia families will overlook his horrendous voting record in Congress.”

Despite the fact that he represents a district with a PVI of R+9, The Cook Political Report gives Barrow the edge to defeat his Republican opponent, Rick Allen.


  1. 1. How many of these particular funding projects were earmarked specifically by Barrow?
    2. How many members of the GOP earmarked those specific projects?
    3. How many members of the GOP voted for the same Stimulus bill over 5 years ago?

    Who comes up with these advertising ideas?

  2. Jon Lester says:

    They could make an issue of the newly expanding Cyber Command at Fort Gordon, but this is the NRCC we’re talking about, where you just don’t find any libertarian-minded Republicans at work.

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