Senate Candidates Talk Agriculture at Farm Bureau Event

Democrat Michelle Nunn and Republican David Perdue visited the Georgia Farm Bureau in Macon on Thursday to talk about the farm bill and immigration, and how, as Senators, they would approach agricultural issues. The Macon Telegraph reports that Nunn supported the farm bill passed in Congress earlier this year, while Perdue opposed it.

“We know that it was not a good thing for us to languish two years without the certainty of the bill, and that it actually was the kind of bipartisan compromise that Washington does too rarely,” [Nunn] said. “I think that the bipartisan bill was not perfect, but what it did was ensure that we continue to create a safety net of nutritional supplement, support for families that need it, many of whom are seniors and elderly or disabled.

“At the same time, it provided the critical crop insurance support that farmers want and said is important, invested in research and innovation, and by the way, cut the deficit by a significant margin,” she said.

Perdue said he opposed the measure because it could have done far more, particularly for the Peach State.

“First of all, on the farm side, I don’t think it went far enough to protect the interests of our farmers in Georgia,” he said. “Second, on the nutrition side, I felt like it needed to be bifurcated, that the problems and the abuses on the nutrition side needed to be dealt with separately.

As this year’s bill was being considered in the U.S. House, an effort was made to separate the two main parts of the bill, one part covering agriculture and the other part covering nutrition, notably food stamps. That effort ultimately failed.

Both Perdue and Nunn have indicated they would like to be on the Senate Agriculture Committee.


  1. Bobloblaw says:

    “””Both Perdue and Nunn have indicated they would like to be on the Senate Agriculture Committee.””

    Which is why she’ll vote for Reid

    • Dave Bearse says:

      One can smell the increasing GOP concern when the campaign is centered on an appealing to a shrinking demographic with “Nunn’s a Democrat”.

      Then again, Perdue has little to choose from to appeal to anyone outside the base, thanks to the GOP primary. Perdue’s support for the fair tax as tax reform, and opposition to amnesty for immigrants and Senate GOP leadership tag him as useless in actually governing the country.

  2. saltycracker says:

    You saying they stuck to insurance and nutrition tiptoeing from the big buck mess with food cards for a whole lot of Georgians and agri-industry subsidies for the big boys ?

  3. Jon Lester says:

    Safe to say, neither Nunn nor Perdue will make any effort to reduce the various subsidies that Georgia farmers enjoy. One more reason to consider Amanda Swafford, because you know the Farm Bureau won’t even bother talking to her.

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