Nancy Jester Mulls DeKalb Commission Run

As per a blog post on her website, Nancy Jester, former GOP candidate for Georgia State School Superintendent, has announced that she is considering a run for the DeKalb County Commission District 1 seat.  Jester placed fifth out of a crowded field of nine in the GOP Superintendent’s primary on May 20.

The seat was previously held by Elaine Boyer, who resigned her position on Monday of this week and is facing federal charges for improper financial actions while serving as Commissioner.  Qualifying will begin on Monday, September 8 and run through noon on Wednesday, September 10.


  1. Ghost of William F. Buckley says:

    Agreed, Will.

    Nancy has proven her strength and courage under withering fire as a former DeKalb School Board representative. In fact, her initiative as the ‘Mom with a calculator’ may have paved the way for Gov. Deals’ epic and valid decision to replace the ENTIRE School Board.

    “Young, energetic, fearless, yet delightfully easy to talk with,” are characteristics that describe Nancy. Let’s see watch happens on this.

    • The ENTIRE school board was not replaced. Only members whose election predated the suspension. The three members who got elected after the board’s troubles were realized were left on.

      I would just like to point out that Nancy was one of those people. Say what you will about her calculator skills, she was not able to build a consensus among her fellow members to change the board.

  2. Dunwoody says:

    Chris, not a person alive that can build consensus and allow the looting and stealing at the same time. And the Board troubles continued even after three new members were elected. It takes educated voters to make change.

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