Congressman John Barra Announces Bipartisan Endorsement List

Sometimes-on-the-chopping-block Congressman John Barrow recently released his lengthy list of key endorsements from across the district, and true to form, he’s touting on social media that the list is comprehensive of folks from ‘both sides of the aisle’.

In his complete 19 county list, Barrow names both Republican and Democrat county commissioners, mayors, and Farm Bureau presidents. Barrow’s heavier endorsements naturally come from the Augusta area – Columbia and Richmond counties- but he alludes that he has strong support on the municipal level in Bulloch County and also in the often-forgotten-southern-but-completely-necessary Appling and Coffee counties. Just as noteworthy is that while parading influential elected officials, Barrow also makes mention of his well-known community activist supporters like Tattnall county Dairy Queen owner, Zuber Malik.

Also on his impressive list are  Sheriffs from Burke, Candler, Coffee , Jenkins, Laurens, Richmond, and Wheeler counties -all democrats- though all highly influential in their respective communities. It doesn’t appear at this time that Barrow is losing any steam.

A quick glance at businessman Rick Allen’s website shows a small backing for community leaders and ‘key endorsements’ with a stronger emphasis on D.C. polling and Barrow’s voting record, only furthering the notion that while Barrow is busy schmoozing in the district, his opponents are busy grasping at straws -year after year, cycle after cycle.


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