Sen. Isakson is Having Nunn of Michelle’s Wishy-Washy Statements

Sen. Johnny Isakson agrees with me. 

He said in order for Michelle Nunn to replace Saxby Chambliss as our Senator, she’s going to have to be more articulate in explaining what she believes. And by “going to have to be” I mean “start.”

On Wednesday, Isakson was quoted by Walter Jones as saying: “The oldest rule in politics … is you can’t have it both ways. You can’t say, ‘I might,’ and say, ‘I might not,’ and expect the people of Georgia to believe it one way or another. You’ve got to ultimately declare what you’re going to do.”

Isakson was responding to Nunn’s non-statement statement  how she doesn’t know if she would vote for Harry Reid as Democratic Senate Leader.


  1. NoTeabagging says:

    No candidate these days ever declares their position on anything. Basic campaign rules, never make promises and never reveal your superior plan to make America better. That kinda leaves ’em with attack ads or warm and fuzzy family portraits. Campaigns do not tell voters anything of substance. Period.
    Fun Nunn Puns

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