The Morning Reads for the Day When a National Nightmare Ends

America has dealt admirably with two major demons. But that comes to an end tonight. First, inter-collegiate gridiron varsity football at the FBS level resumes action. Your savior? Georgia State University.

For 683 days the nation has mourned. But that ends when your beloved Panthers secure their first win of the season and first since October 13, 2012 Yes, that’s right, GSU will crush Abilene Christian University, restoring all decency to the universe!

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“Be True to Your School” by The Beach Boys. 

  1. Georgia 16th-most stable state with gubernatorial elections. 
  2. 55% of Georgians were born here; we get one of the highest numbers of New York transplants. 
  3. Atlanta police rarely convicted when using force. 
  4. Buttplugs. Marxist takeovers. All that and more (much more) is in Common Core standards.
  5. That’s not just true, it’s a fact. 
  6. SC, NC offer Georgia a lesson in fixing erroneous borders. 
  7. Dennis Lockhart, Atlanta Fed Prez, sez mid-2015 is when interest rates will go up. 
  8. WXIA reporter has a reporter’s notebook from Ferguson. 
  9. History being destroyed in Atlanta and other parts of Georgia.
  10. If there’s one thing we do really well here, it’s get rid of neat buildings.
  11. I pity the judge overseeing the APS trial. 
  12. Now that Frank Blake is retiring, what happens to his Bobblehead?
  13. #TheToughQuestions
  14. Delta says things are flying high for the Atlanta-based airline. 
  15. UPS, pilots’ union, “took actions prejudicial” to crash investigation. Both barred from probe.
  16. First Ponce City Market restaurant to open between Nov. 15 and Jan. 15. 
  17. So there’s a, uh, slight height difference between Manny Pacquiao and Chris Algieri. 


  1. saltycracker says:

    As up East Nunn runs the people of pillowtex ad relentlessly she must think this represents her target market in Georgia. And somewhere there is a tape of one of the full interviews saying “yep our union stood up to that Perdue and we done run him off in jus’ 9 months. Now we got to go back to growin weed and cookin meth.”

  2. Stefan says:

    Regarding the potential demolition of 20 Hilliard Street, there is a story there about public funds gone awry. The owner of that building was given a decent amount of money to remediate the environmental conditions in that building and it appears he just sat on it. And now here we are.

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