Senator Isakson and a Very Tall Man Visit the Augusta VA


The veterans administration has seen its share of recent challenges. From the egregious wait times to the coverup of the egregious wait times, it hasn’t been the best of times for either the administration or the veterans they serve. With the cloud of malfeasance comes Congressional attention. Towards that end Representative Doug Collins and Senator Johnny Isakson visited the Augusta VA recently. Collins was once active duty military and is still in the reserves, as such the issues of veterans are close to his heart. The ongoing theme in the coverage of the VA shortcomings has been that the administration itself has caused the problems while the actual front line caregivers are working to solve them. Certainly polls from May showed that Veteran’s rated the care that got from the VA very highly. Though the problem seems to be not with the veterans who did receive care but for those that did not.

That group appears to be a bit grouchy, or at least the VA thinks so. Their guide to dealing with veterans at town halls depicts them as Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street. While using PBS imagery is a good recycling of government resources, in many areas the VA could improve on its efficiency. Part of the problem is that the VA’s mission seems to be out of step with its administration. Maybe that’s due to funding, but a lack of focus on serving veterans may also be to blame. Visiting Augusta was an important step, and Collins hopes to visit all of Georgia’s VA hospitals by the end of the year. Given his continued service and dedication to the task, perhaps he can use his position to bridge the gap between bureaucrat and soldier. Here’s hoping.