Hello, I’m Lawton Sack

I have been commenting on Peach Pundit since May of 2007, after I heard about Peach Pundit for the first time at the GAGOP State Convention.  This will probably be the hardest post I will ever write on here now that I am a contributor, as I do not like to talk about myself.  Though I have held various titles and positions and have spoken in front of large crowds, I am a classic introvert.  I spend a lot of time listening and speak as little as possible and usually only when appropriate.  I am very deliberate in my actions, as I like to ponder the various angles of things before making a decision, which tends to aggravate most extroverts and Type A personalities.  Alright, enough Psych 101.  I will share some about myself so that you can understand the basis of my future writings.

I was born, raised, educated, and still live in Statesboro (Bulloch County).  My dad was a graduate of Georgia Tech (Go Jackets!) and owned his own floor covering business for many years.  My mother is a graduate of Georgia Southern (Hail Southern!) and retired about a year ago from DFCS.  I have been married for almost 20 years, and we have three wonderful children.  We have been a homeschooling family for the last 14 years, as it is simply the right choice for us.

I am a graduate of Covington Theological Seminary in Rossville/Ft. Oglethorpe with an Associate Degree in Religious Education and of Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology.  I am currently taking a class or two at a time at the University of West Georgia and will someday hopefully have a Master’s Degree in Applied Computer Science.  I garnered a love of laughter, reading, and classical music from my father, who passed away this year on April 29th. From my mother, I learned how to serve other people and to fight for the less fortunate.

I currently serve on the Boards of the Friends of the Library and Open Hearts Community Mission, an organization that seeks to fight to change the lives of the homeless in Bulloch County.  To pay the bills, I work for James L. Oates, III Enterprises, a commercial plumbing company with 35-40 employees in the small town of Register.  I wear a lot of hats, from IT to HR to some project management to finances to compliance to many other areas, so I get to see every day the impact that governmental decisions have on a small business.  Oh, and I am a geek, so technology is a passion of mine.

In the realm of politics, I identify as a Republican because my values match more closely with those of the GOP platform.  I strongly value the opinions of those that differ from my views, as I understand that we all have different backgrounds.  I, however, value facts over rhetoric and I think it is time for our governmental bodies to quit talking and start working on real solutions.  Within the Republican Party, I have held various titles, including Chair of the Bulloch GOP, which I serve as currently, and the 12th District Chair, which provided me an opportunity to serve on the State Executive Committee.

I ran for the Bulloch County Commission in 2006, but I was soundly defeated in a three-way contest.  Despite the election defeat, it was one of the most educational experiences I have ever had, as it allowed me to understand more about the inner workings of campaigns and elections.

That is me in a nutshell, though I should add that I also love Johnny Cash (hence the title of this post) and I still think Vandy’s has the best Brunswick Stew in the world, even if it has peas and carrots in it.


  1. Lea Thrace says:

    Not sure why but I thought you were already a front page poster. Guess that means you were meant to be up there anyway. I look forward to your further insight.

  2. ricstewart says:

    Woohoo! Seeing this news has already made my week. Lawton is a great guy and will bring thoughtful insight to the front page, and I’m glad that a member of the peas and carrots caucus has made the big leagues.

    (P.S.: I had Vandy’s Brunsick stew for lunch today).

  3. saltycracker says:

    I always thought the PP handle was too cool to be a real name ! 🙂
    Best regards in joining the establishment.

  4. Will Durant says:

    I’m a live and let live type. So I can accept healthful veggies in your stew if you don’t ask the species of the critters that end up in mine. More importantly, and this one can endanger your Georgia boy cred, what is your position on sugar in cornbread?

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